Why Your Website Must Be ADA Compliant?

March 14, 2020
Why Your Website Must Be ADA Compliant?

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was developed in 1992 to honor the needs of disabled people which would allow them to have access to every feature of the website which will enhance levels of website usability and bring in added traffic to your website.

Individuals who are hearing impaired or visually impaired have access to an ADA compliant website. Social media marketing companies suggest their clients to create an ADA compliant website, which will boost their business. Such websites are trustworthy where anyone can search for the content they need by setting them apart from your competitors. Digital advertising companies in Kolkata suggest their clients to include such features in their website which will in return enhance sales and profits for their business , and also pushes the ranking of their website higher on search engines .
Top advertising agencies prefer including certain such ADA compliant attributes in the websites for their valuable clients. Screen readers, text readers are some such provisions preferred by the creative advertising agencies which will allow the visually impaired people to have access to the website.


ADA compliance allows brands to enhance their reputation in the market as the website will be accessed by more users. Every digital advertising agency focuses on meeting WCAG guidelines for each of its clients by updating their existing website to an ADA compliant one.
Digital Marketing Services Company in Kolkata includes ADA compliant attributes such as text transcripts for audio and video content or stating the site’s language in the header for better understanding. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) gives the same opportunities to the disabled people as anyone else.


Every website should most necessarily be ADA compliant, where they should recommend their users as to how they should navigate to the desired section of their website. Reach out to your target customers irrespective of their disabilities through an ADA compliant website and make every penny count.

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