What every business owner must know about Digital Marketing

April 18, 2020
What every business owner must know about Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing has a major role to play in the digital marketing policies of a business, where email notifications are sent to a database of current, prospective and past customers. A regular marketing campaign can help to leads to customers.



Paid Promotions on Social Media

the business pays for brand-related advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach out to their target audience.  A social media handle where content is uploaded every alternate day is not as effective as it was previously. These ad campaigns convert prospective ad viewers into clients when targeted correctly and optimized. Registering business on Facebook Business Manager and Instagram is a must as it adds on to your brand’s visibility. LinkedIn and Twitter are two such platforms where professional requirements are met and businesses can grow organically with optimized use of creative’s and hash tags. A perfect Twitter outreach strategy can do wonders for a brand.



 Content Generation

Content is considered a great way to reach out, where blogs, videos, visuals, website content, and pictures give out a message about your brand and turn more leads towards your brand.



Digital marketing Services Kolkata perfectly utilize a perfectly planned digital marketing strategy to build credibility for their clients hence  increasing service and product loyalty, increasing brand visibility and creating new customers



PPC Campaign

A PPC campaign adds the extra 15% reach to your digital marketing plans where a simple Pay Per Click campaign delivers queries and sales and eventually add on to the number of conversions. Google Ad words when utilized correctly can provide a number of solutions by placing your business in front of millions of prospective customers.



YouTube Videos

Videos have always been a visual treat, where YouTube videos when combined with the proper title tag, uploading a transcript and embedding the video are some utilization of video SEO exposure.


Digital marketing company Kolkata use well-designed videos to boost the promotional game for their clients and give out a message of dedication and passionate marketing initiative.

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