Social Media to your rescue amid Social Distancing

March 24, 2020
Social Media to your rescue amid Social Distancing
These are not normal times when the death toll nears the 4 lakh mark globally and the world is struggling to overcome the rising panic of COVID 19, the world outdoors has come to a halt. With countries opting for complete lockdown and enforcing curfews on cities, empty roads and vacant public spots social media encounter the highest traffic. Screen time is the only refute to the millions of people locked down in their own house.


Experts predict a coming loneliness epidemic, where we humans the social creatures when deprived of going out meeting people or indulging in fun activities, will sit in the same spot for hours hence indulging in increased screen time.


Facebook groups have sprung in response to growing concerns about the corona virus, employees are working from home, kids have been awarded a month-long vacation and the older people have been asked to stay inside under every circumstance.Social distancing is being religiously practiced by people around the world, where they keep themselves updated, engaged and entertained through a range of social media platforms.


Facebook is flooded with information, where communities and brands are spreading awareness through stay safe, stay healthy campaign and other ways to stay away from Corona virus Pandemic.


The Janta Curfew on 22nd March 2020 as announced by our Honourable Prime minister saw immense participation from people all around India; social media feeds were flooded with images and pictures, hence uniting the people of the nation amid social distancing.


Brands are utilizing every means to keep their valued patrons aware of the situation, spreading the message of social distancing along with coming up with ways to stay connected with their loyal followers. This is the time when every other means of socializing is unavailable and social media is the key to stay connected.


Communities and brands are going beyond their brand’s mission to spread the message of staying healthy and safe, people are also indulging in polls and games over such platforms to stay engaged.


As India Fights Corona, the social media marketing companies in Kolkata are also reaching out to their clients’ needs and working hard to keep their followers updated about the global scenario.