Now is the time to be socially active, to gain a competitive edge after lockdown ends.

April 3, 2020
Now is the time to be socially active, to gain a competitive edge after lockdown ends.
India went into lockdown since last week, where more and more indulged in social media platforms engaging themselves in Internet browsing, scrolling through their social media feed, searching for corona related news and other awareness posts from brands and communities


As people remained indoors, hours spend on social media saw a spike of 87% percent as per the Hammerkopf Consumer Snapshot Survey conducted on March 28th, 2020 across New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore on 1300 people. Earlier i.e. before the lockdown people spent an average of 150 minutes on social media as compared to 280 minutes in the first week of lockdown.



The COVID 19 pandemic has compelled people to stay indoors, with people working from home, students attending virtual classes by their professors and others indulging in random challenges and taking up online courses. This is the time when brands should focus on staying high with their digital marketing presence, sharing interactive content and coming out as a brand with sensible content on awareness and branding.


The shift in the behavioral pattern of the customers is most likely to make digital marketing agencies even more significant and valued tool of support in the coming times when the lockdown ends.


The global crisis, the lockdown, and people going into self-isolation is making them look for some reassurance, support, this is where online communities and businesses around the globe are filling in and becoming more active.


The conclusion stemming up from this analysis is how this shift in paradigm will affect the ways in which people interact or socialize because the longer they stay at home and away from every other form of socializing, they longer will they carry this habit of engaging via digital realms.


Digital marketing agencies in Kolkata are also gearing up with strategies, collected data, and ideas to fill in this void created because of social distancing and worldwide lockdown after Coronavirus Pandemic hit nations globally.

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