New Opportunities in Horizon: Generating Social Media Fanbase for Pubs and Restaurants

April 4, 2020
New Opportunities in Horizon: Generating Social Media Fanbase for Pubs and Restaurants
The Coronavirus pandemic is has spread across the globe like wildfire. There doesn’t seem to be an end to this with no probable vaccination still in the market. All this began in December 2019 in China and has grown into a worldwide problem, unlike anything any of us have ever seen before. And the world has turned upside down with little to no resistance left against the imperative of this deadly world pandemic.


Therefore, going into the details of this misfortunate occurrence isn’t what we shall do here. Here we shall discuss and imbibe our minds in what the future lies for businesses, especially, keeping in mind that supply chain, world trade, confrontation with daily customers & executing orders that will run massive plants with the labor class enabling their last humane touch to the delivery of all our goods. Now with a shortage of manpower in most countries all across and in different economic sectors, we can see these people being directed to their homes, seeking indulgence within the safety of its walls, embracing the lockdown.


We’re all dealing with the impact the worldwide crisis has had on all our respective lives, whether people have been tested positive or not. We all are taking precautions. We are locked in our homes and our kids aren’t in school/colleges. We can’t visit our friends and close to relatives. We can’t eat at our favorite restaurants or hang out in pubs. Sure, all minor conveniences but important nonetheless. This is a time to really show empathy towards others and help out wherever you can. This is a time we all need to be sensitive and not to be too pushy but it’s a great opportunity for your brand to stand out during a difficult time.


So, now as a businessman ask yourself this question, what impact does the global outbreak have on social media?


Social media is one of the best ways to share news nowadays since you can find more people of all ages indulging in social media platforms. This, especially if you are trying to alert people of something serious in a very, very quick manner. Whether it be COVID-19 news from individual states or news on a national scope, social media gets the message where it needs to go. More people are on social media now while they are stuck at home, scanning for updates and trying to stay connected in a suddenly isolated nation of a scared population that is seeking comfort via Social media through safety tips by celebrities and influencers is another enormous trend that is spreading through social media. One, in particular, is the term social distancing”. Established hotel chains and restaurants all across the globe have extended help and aid for the people in distress.


Drawing references from them can help you understand the concept of social media branding. In fact, thinking back, I read it somewhere that it is usually prompted by businesses to donate and provide relief to the world and it’s communities, that in fact helps add value to your company’s overall image in the market and as well as in front of your own employees.


The effect of human empathy here is evident as the number of likes & consecutive share that such posts or activities generate is in greater numbers. Both common folk and your consumers will find relevance in your shared ideas and statuses. And will connect to your social stand any day. For hotels, the recent trend of sharing pictures in support of the doctors and other essential staff that are working to maintain the balance in our society, where they can be seen posting images of their respective hotels, forming a heart by turning on the lights of the selected rooms.


For restaurants, we know you can’t operate at all, but that shouldn’t pause your social media game. In fact, it’s the best time for you to go crazy with all different kinds of branding ideas that you can execute with your anointed digital team. Effectively categories and compiling all information regarding trends, the duration, message, design, and all these things are crucial when venturing into social media today. Tour guests and diners are bored and you need to keep your hotel/restaurant afloat on their timelines and you have to get them to notice. And that only comes with a well-thought-out concept and quality content for the post.


Try sharing pictures & reviews by your diners, ask them to take care, share new information, share “Do it at Home” recipes of food/cocktails, plan your next steps ahead and develop a build-up campaign of what you will do once the business opens. You need to understand this. People will be rushing to restaurants and regrouping and remaking canceled travel plans as soon as this lockdown is lifted. That will be the course of things and we can be certain of the fact that human nature only dictates that if something is in your sight, it will be in your mind. Think about it. Your customer is right there, connected via a smartphone and wifi.


And since, they can’t come to you, try social media platforms as a way to connect to them instead. They will definitely appreciate seeing interesting content courtesy you and maybe they decide to check out other posts by your page. Only because you gave them something to connect with. Now your next steps should be, setting up your various social media handles, jotting proper campaigns and valuable messages, appointing a social media manager and keep an eye on all your competitors. All this can be woes can be put to rest if you hire an agency to do all the work for you.


When searching the internet for the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, you may find the name Go Futurenet amongst many other digital marketing companies today that are still working because online marketing, e-commerce, and social media marketing, all are thriving due the onset of cross country lockdowns. Social media management isn’t an easy job when you are doing it for big brands and banners that can’t afford the wrath of trolls or get into any form of online mismanagement. This can severely reflect on your online presence. Thus, if hotels and restaurants do indulge now, it couldn’t be any better for them. But all of these need to be done keeping the human psyche as in consumer behavior during the interval of this crucial lockdown.

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