Ways To Make Your Video Popular On YouTube

May 12, 2021
Ways To Make Your Video Popular On YouTube

We already know that YouTube is the #1 destination for streaming video content and the second largest search engine worldwide. Therefore, those days are long gone when YouTube existed only for the purpose of entertaining videos, and now, it’s time for some serious business! With over 2 billion people using it every month, YouTube opens up infinite doors of opportunities for its users, only if one can promote their content thoughtfully. Hence, it’s time to step up your game to make your video popular on YouTube.

With a remarkable growth in video marketing over the past few years, YouTube has become more prevalent and convenient for all brands to promote their businesses online. And, you have successfully landed on the right page where you can learn all the tricks and tactics to make your video popular on YouTube!

I. Create Videos Around a Single Keyword/Theme

One of the top approaches to maximize your YouTube views is optimizing your videos for search. Creating your content around a single keyword/theme is the ideal approach to getting your desired traffic and getting your viewers to amplify effectively. You will need a keyword tool to help you look for the most searched keywords in the niche you are hoping to target.

After picking your keyword, check out other videos under the same topic to confirm that you are moving forward in the right direction in terms of purpose. Do not forget to optimize your title and descriptions. 

Pro tip: Videos less than 5 minutes tend to earn the most user engagement. Always try to keep it short, attractive, and to the point.

II. Customize your Thumbnail & Make it Eye-Catching

Thumbnails always have an impact on your audience! When your potential viewers are browsing through the search results and suggestions, they play a major role in attracting your viewers, depending on what they are looking for or decide to watch. Thumbnails can work wonders and will help you boost your YouTube views as they have a higher click-through rate (CTR).

The goal is to ‘stand out’ from the crowd!

Pro tip: Always try to pick bright colours and high-resolution images.

III. Use End Screens & Cards

Verify your YouTube account to access the end screen and card tools to generate more views on your YouTube video. It immediately affects your viewer’s next choice by allowing you to promote your other contents within your video. It gives you more exposure and acts as a powerful tool to attract more traffic organically.

IV. Create Playlists

Creating video playlists on YouTube is one of the best ways to increase your viewers and minimize the chances of your viewer moving on to another channel once they finish watching your video.

Once your first video ends, the other videos will automatically start playing and result in more views for each played video.

V. Share your Videos on Other Social Media Handles

Cross-platform promotion can work wonders in attracting viewers.

Share your videos religiously on your other social media handles by sharing the content link and make people aware of your channel. We’re all well informed of the power of social media and, even a few shares can boost your content massively. Also, don’t forget WhatsApp and Email Marketing!

Now that you have learned the ways to make your video popular on YouTube, hurry up and try them yourself. Now learn more on how youtube marketing is a good idea during the time of lockdown.

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