Lockdown continues: Can YouTube Marketing be a good idea?

April 9, 2020
Lockdown continues: Can YouTube Marketing be a good idea?
The world is battling the Coronavirus pandemic right now that started last year, December in China. When few residents of the northern province of China, Hubei, reported showed symptoms similar to pneumonia. By the end of the month, the local community of scientists was able to pinpoint the source of the disease to the SARS virus that had once already wreaked havoc in the world almost 17 years ago.


As the world turned another year older with 2020, beckoning new resolutions and new beginnings, things really went down south with the world-wide outbreak of this deadly disease. With each new country being engulfed by this pandemic phenomenon, we can see that in its initial stages, it caused mass panic and the common public demanded to know what was causing this and more information regarding the same. As a result of which social media and online video sharing platforms have become both an indispensable source of vital news and also a fertile ground for dangerous rumor-mongering, with claims of equal shock value but the varying truth is making big waves across the world.


Even recently stated by the Director-General of WHO that, “We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic.” This situation is the testament to the raw power of social media and a sign of how much we achieved when it comes to curtailing the spread of dangerous lies online. Let’s talk about it.


Now, if we were to strategically streamline your digital marketing plans for the foreseeable future, we need to realize that some brands will do better in getting the right kind of traction if they are showcasing their products/services on YouTube or any other online video sharing platform. In addition to other custom digital marketing services in Kolkata But in his blog, we will cover how a business should prepare to market on solely YouTube, and therefore, in this piece, we shall discuss a thing or two about YouTube Marketing.


And given the recent circumstances, where the whole world is in lockdown, with the death toll rising in countries and major economies shifting in balance, the common folk are feeling quite afraid to go out. And also, governments have employed various laws to prevent the disease from further spreading to the masses. So, now you can be sure that your viewer is home. And secondary to this scenario is that they will try to engage themselves in any form of trending activity or leisurely web browsing. Strategically, your customers are more likely to be on YouTube now more than ever as recent reports suggest that the online-video sharing platform is being extensively used by many as the common public themselves are resorting to videos to look for prevention and (unproven) treatment/hacks. YouTube had initially prohibited the monetization on videos related to the COVID-19 virus under its “sensitive events” policy, which bars advertisements on videos regarding terrorist acts, armed conflicts, and “global health crises”.


However, the tech company reversed that policy on March 11th, 2020, saying that they wanted to “make sure news organizations and creators can continue sustainably producing quality videos”. It then enabled people/businesses to release Coronavirus video ads for “a limited number of channels”, and on April 2nd, 2020, it expanded and facilitated monetization of content mentioning or featuring COVID-19 to all creators and news organizations.


This will help you immensely as you will be doing the probable video’s designated YouTube SEO keyword research and selection. The relevant use of these keywords while deciding the title, description and tags will help your video garner a better ranking as it will be vetted on by the overall user engagement, which includes certain parameters like how much time they were on the video. Whether they had moved onto the next video. Whether they liked, followed or shared your video. All that helps you attain better rankings and may also help your video appear as suggestions more frequently. While delving into the sands of YouTube marketing one must understand that their respective videos need to have good quality video and audio laden with freshly brewed content that your viewers can instantly relate to. If you are an individual looking to launch your first YouTube channel, irrespective of your choice of niche, there are few ways you can earn some attention/revenue.


You can generate leads, try Adsense, try affiliate marketingsponsored videos and lastly, crowdsourcing. We shall discuss these topics some other time.


Videos have always been the easiest way to make an impression. So, when you finally decide on configuring your digital marketing plan, equipping it with new YouTube marketing campaigns, you will need to consider a few important markers such is content relativity and making sure that your videos are backed by website links and URLs. And now is the time to rethink the future of branding. Think out of the box and work with a digital marketing agency or creative marketing company that would help you plan, execute, regulate and manage your videos and content on your designated YouTube channel. Go Futurenet’s team comes with a pre-designed and tested marketing framework that enables you to attain your coveted customer/audience base. Though there are several other digital marketing companies in India currently, few have the direction or insight to lead extensive campaigns on YouTube.




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