April 23, 2022

Schema Markup or is one of the most essential tools that support SEO. Schema markup is a code, also known as semantic vocabulary or microdata that you can add to the HTML of your website. Schema Markup helps search engine robots understand your content better with more clarity. The importance of Schema for SEO lies in adding microdata to your webpage HTML to improve the way your page is shown to users. 

So, what is Schema Markup? is a collaboration between popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Yandex. All of their purposes lie in helping the users navigate and understand websites better. 

Types of Schema Markup

It offers data markup for all kinds of content. 

  • Organization of Schema markup: This markup introduces the company to the audience with its name, logo, and company details.
  • Person Schema markup: This markup provides individual information including their names, dates of birth, academic history, and career graph. 
  • Local Business Schema markup: This markup includes information about the address, opening hours, or menu of local businesses. This markup is essential for local SEO as it helps customers to locate nearby shops or restaurants. It is recommended to integrate this essential information into the Schema markup so that Google can confirm if that business has any physical store. A physical store usually boosts the domain authority of a website. 
  • Product and offer Schema Markup
  • Breadcrumb Schema markup 
  • Article Schema markup
  • Video Schema markup
  • Event Schema markup
  • Recipe Schema markup

Importance of Schema for SEO 

The importance of Schema markup lies in better UX. The users get to access their required content very easily which allows them to have a smooth user experience. A good user experience uplifts the customer’s spirits which results in more searches. More searches lead to a higher position in search results. 

Schema Markup helps the search engine robots to understand analyze and understand your website content better. It alters random keywords into meaningful content. It allows the users to find the desired results tailored to their queries and intents. 

The importance of Schema is gravely understood when it comes to SEM. Schema markup is essential to ensure the Google ad campaign works properly. Schema Markup is very important for Google Ads, so it boosts your SEO rankings even though it is not a Google ranking factor.

How to use Schema Markup for SEO

Although Schema markup is not a Google ranking factor, it allows website owners to provide precise information about their business that helps the target users land on their desired sites. 

  • Schema for extensive Rich Snippets 
  • Schema for boosting SEO effects
  • Schema for improving Organic Click-Through Rate 
  • Schema for Local Business 
  • Schema for promoting Events 

How to implement Schema markup for SEO

There are several types of Schema Markup and each one of them has different purposes. Implement the common schema types that suit your business well. Points to remember:

  • Mark only the elements that can be found on your website. 
  • Mark only one key page for each concept.
  • Use JSON-LD to implement Schema markup.
  • Mark your element in the most precise way. 

It is always recommended to go through your website if everything works properly after the Schema markup is implemented. It is essential to research all the available types of Schema markup and find out which one is best suited for your website. Properly implemented structured data can support SEO. Without schema, it can get pretty difficult to acquire good SEO results and rank higher. 


Now that the importance of Schema markup for SEO is established for your business website, it’s worth looking into. As said before, proper implementation of  Schema markup drastically improves the search results and rankings of your website.

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