Impact of Technical SEO on User Experience

March 4, 2020
Impact of Technical SEO on User Experience

SEO + UX = Success in 100 percent visibility

These days, SEO best practices include consideration for the user experience (UX).Till a few years back, SEO was simple. You can stuff a page full of keywords, and you would get ranked number one. Easy, right?Only if it were that simple today! Now, Google (and the other search engines like Bing) literally consider innumerous no. of factors into account while determining which pages will rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs) in respect to others of the same kind.


Therefore, this new reality depicts that today the key elements of user experience (UX) have been rolled in as SEO’s best practices. How easily can a visitor navigate through your site? The fact that whether your site will have quality content that will make these first time visitors want to stay and engage? Is your site secure, fast and mobile-friendly? Several other top SEO companies have already cracked & decoded the nitty-gritty’s behind generating organic traffic for different kinds of businesses & niche websites. For them, developing the right kind of UI/UX is the starting point of all things successful.


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Think of the partnership of SEO and UX this way: SEO targets search engines, and UX targets your website’s visitors. Both share a common goal of giving users the best experience while browsing. Therefore, if you go to a SEO specialist, they may explain you the same.


Here are some common website elements that impact both SEO and user experience.

• Catchy readable/ intriguing Headings

• Easy navigation and site structure of your online websites

• User signals are also important as studies show that they have direct correlation to better rankings

• Site speed as that is important to keep your viewer engaged till the valuable information is imparted.

• Mobile experience of the above business/ site needs to have easy accessibility, smooth page loading & other informational texts & elements.

Now your goal is to search for affordable SEO services as search engine optimization agencies are already equipped with the necessary experience, data & a dedicated workforce that know their SEO.The tricky part of this whole process is to ultimately find one such Search Engine Optimization company that will work within your reasons & will carry forward your visions while designing the best kind of user-friendly UI/UX for your website & the perks of availing third party seo services.
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Also, constant testing & upgrading your UX as per the upgraded SEO guidelines will always effect your business in good favour. Therefore do your research before you launch into a digital marketing plan to boost your company’s online image.

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