Impact of Digital Marketing in the New Normal

August 16, 2020
Impact of Digital Marketing in the New Normal

Digital marketing is the way ahead, where businesses sufferings due to the limitations of the lockdown, followed by economic slowdown can grab the attention of their customers and educate them about any reforms and updates about their business.
Impact of digital marketing in business as the restrictions eases in this new normal is going to be huge, where restarting businesses, marketing promotions, revamping the communication channels, reaching out to newer customers and finally reestablishing the lost will require effective digital strategies and plans.

Restaurants that reopened with the commencement of Unlock phase 1 saw very few customers opting for dine-in as the fear of the global Covid-19 pandemic rises every day. Promotions online are the only way now to reach out to customers, notify them of existing offers, discounts, and e-voucher or loyalty cards.

Communicating through channels customers are familiar with gives the brands a boost where they can do cross-posting, Remarketing, live streams, post attractive discounts, and offers and stay in touch with their valued patrons.
Takeaways and online deliveries are two more aspects for the food outlets where people feel safe dining in the comfort of their houses rather than opting for dine-in. Lucrative offers when popping up on their social media feeds will attract more customers for food deliveries where a platter full of delicious food items are just a click away.

In this new normal brick and mortar retail stores will possibly utilize the potential of Digital marketing through applications, official websites to grab the attention of their potential customers, engage them, and hence convert authentic leads into future customers. Google ad and PPC campaigns are other potential tools for businesses opting for digital marketing in this new normal where they can invest in cost-effective means of generating and routing traffic to their landing page.
Social media marketing (SMM) when utilized effectively enhances branding, and hence engaging with their customers online. COVID 19 has also seen a hike in the hours spent online, hence making it easier for brands to engage and target customers.
The most appropriate time to invest in a digital marketing plan or strategy was tomorrow, so strategize with your team to take your business online. The future impact of digital marketing will be huge where most of the businesses will operate online and have a social media presence.
COVID- 19 have instilled fear and uncertainties around us, don’t let this fear strike your business enable your employees to understand customer needs to navigate your business successfully past these hard times.

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