How to Build a PPC Offering at Your Digital Marketing Agency

April 17, 2020
How to Build a PPC Offering at Your Digital Marketing Agency
Digital marketing agencies take full responsibility for online presence, reputation management and advertising campaigns of day to day promotion of their clients.


These are a few PPC services a digital marketing agency should offer –



Audit Reports

Audit reports are even more effective than strategic consultation where these reports generate a lot of value for the clients, showing them the opportunities they could explore and grow.


Account Buildout

Account builds out include services/ platform not already utilized by the clients including Bing Ads, Google Ad words and Social Media.


Account Restructure –

PPC Management Services in Kolkata’s work on delivering the best of services to their clients by working on account restructuring could be done to reanalyze and understand the resources required.




PPC service providers in Kolkata generally take up the PPC campaigns of their clients inclusive of creative designs, ad templates, Facebook ads, and other necessary design work. These services are an additional source of revenue for the brand, were well designed, unique, effective and well-targeted ad campaigns enhance the client’s brand value.


Landing Pages-

A digital marketing agency offering PPC campaign services to their clients should necessarily include creating and optimizing landing pages which would in return maximize the campaign results.


Top PPC Management Company India works on landing pages for the PPC ad campaigns to stand apart from other competitor agencies.



Consulting Services

Consulting services offered by digital marketing agencies is a way of embedding some knowledge in their clients about implementing strategies by identifying areas of opportunities.


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