April 10, 2022

Guest blogging, as the name suggests, is when somebody is invited from outside of your company to write a blog that will be published on your website. A guest blogger should generally be someone who belongs to the same industry with enough expertise in that particular field. Guest blogging is a mutual collaboration between bloggers and the agency. If you implement guest blogging for real estate agencies, it empowers the real estate agents and provides useful guides for establishing a strong business and online presence. Guest blogging increases traffic and improves SEO and you rank higher in Google search. 

How do implementing guest blogging is beneficial for real estate?

  1. Guest blogging is an effective way to foster a good relationship between the real estate website and the guest bloggers. Building a valuable relationship and establishing good networking is very beneficial for both parties. 
  2. Real estate websites publishing blogs that contain accurate information and valuable expert opinions help the brand create a good impression which will help the brand secure a leadership position.
  3. Guest blogging drastically increases your chance to rank higher in Google searches by including major keywords and links.

How to engage your readers with guest blogging for real estate?

  • Set yourself apart with engaging content

If you implement guest blogging for real estate with engaging content, it can drastically improve the brand’s awareness. Readers will start to associate with interesting content and find reliable expert opinions which will increase your brand value. 

  • Fresh content

Blogs can get repetitive at times and readers usually lose interest if the content gets monotonous. By inviting guest bloggers, you introduce fresh contents that will engage the readers. Also bringing in new guest bloggers gives the readers a new perspective and views even on the same subject matter.

  • The market value of expert opinion

If your blogs are relevant and rich with useful information it can change how readers perceive you as a brand. Taking charge and publishing good blogs can take you to a position where your brand would be considered with leadership. 

  • Improves SEO 

Guest blogs are a great way to ensure a spike in your Google rankings. Including good keywords and links are very effective to implement SEO for your website. Good search engine rankings also increase to convert your potential customers to existing ones. 

How to choose where to implement guest blogging

For guest blogging, it is very essential to find some relevant real estate websites. The easiest way to find such real estate websites is to search the niche on Google and browse through the results. But expanding the list to implement guest blogging for real estate can be a little bit taxing. 

  1. Prospecting the internet can be a good option for finding out real estate websites. Using Google search strings or operators is an effective way to refine your results. Generally, you can search for an exact match by8 putting your search term or phrases inside quotes. For example, “real estate”, “write for us”, “submit guest post” and so on. 
  2. Following good bloggers and publishers keeps you updated about the new websites where you can publish your own blogs as a guest.

How to figure out topics

Any guest bloggers should stick to the niche they are most comfortable with and has some kind of expertise over it. Guest blogger needs to be very active and publish several blogs on various subjects of that niche. With this constant exploring of topics for guest bloggers or even writers, it is not uncommon to face ‘writer’s block’. It is not uncommon to face writer’s block but there are various ways to find fresh topics in the real estate niche. 

  1. We suggest following relevant real estate guest bloggers and keeping a track of their work. 
  2. Going through popular real estate websites and their blog section might help the bloggers to decide on a topic.
  3. Do intensive research on existing real estate blogs and figure out any sector of real estate niche that seems appealing to the readers.


If executed properly, guest blogging can be the best form of marketing. It is a win-win situation where both parties have their own benefits. If bloggers Implement guest blogging for real estate websites with good content and consistent publishing, the website can become a huge boost to your brand. A good guest blogger gets recognition through their work and it becomes easier for them to create their own base of audience. 

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