How to get LinkedIn business leads?

December 14, 2021
How to get LinkedIn business leads?

Imagine scrolling through Netflix, with nothing specific in mind, trying to pick something to watch. Confusing, isn’t it? Such is the case with Social Media. With numerous platforms to run ads and to promote your product or service, you can often get perplexed as to where you can run your campaign. Especially when your bucks are involved, there’s no way you want to go wrong! Here’s the news. One of the most under rated platforms can actually be your right choice. LinkedIn, is a great option for the promotion of your brand. LinkedIn score a whopping 94% with 500,000,000 + registered members when it comes to B2B content marketing social media platform usage, whereas, Facebook and Instagram score 84% and 29% respectively. Let us take a closer look as to why you should opt for LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

Numbers are just numbers if the quality of users are not up to the mark. Not only are the users here greatly engaged on this platform, their quality is also really impressive. Of all the registered users, 75% has an annual income of over 50,000 USD and 44% over 75,000 USD. LinkedIn has executives of every Fortune 500 company of the world and 76% of them are active daily on this platform. Here are a few more reasons why you should opt for LinkedIn.

  1. One third of the planet’s professionals, i.e., 4000+ million professionals have an account on LinkedIn
  2. About 13% of them do not have a Facebook account
  3. 60% of this number are not active on Twitter
  4. 64% percent of visits to corporate websites through social media channels are directed from LinkedIn.

Let us consider how we can generate leads and dive into this vast network by building your own valuable network.

1.Optimize your profile

Concentrate your content. While filling in your details, make sure that the content is SEO friendly with relevant keywords. Take the opportunity of using optimization strategies for searches for LinkedIn on Google.

2. Keep them engaged

Search for relevant people and connect with them. Keep them engaged with interesting posts where you are either sharing knowledge, building authority or spreading awareness. Join groups from your industry and actively participate in forums. Get yourself heard and noticed! True engagement always finally leads to genuine Linkedin business leads.

3. Sponsor

Sponsored campaigns are effective in drawing new high quality people into your existing network. The detailed targeting options on LinkedIn are way better than those offered by other social media platforms which makes it a winner. At LinkedIn, you can opt for a standard sponsored campaign or a direct sponsored campaigne. A standard sponsored campaign will make your ad visible like a banner on the top of the page. A direct sponsored campaign is more targeted and lets you test the message you are about to send out to your potential target group. In-mail sent outs are also a great way of reaching out. Through this feature, your message will appear in the inbox of a person from your target group, where his normal messages are. PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Impression) ads are also available here.


Generating genuine quality leads is possible on LinkedIn but there is dedication, proper targeting and consistency required in making this process fruitful. Following these simple steps and devoting time and effort will definitely make you win the race against your competitors.


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