Digital Marketing Policies to tackle Socio-Economic Impact of COVID 19

April 8, 2020
Digital Marketing Policies to tackle Socio-Economic Impact of COVID 19
With the number of Coronavirus cases nearing the 1.5 million mark and countries sealing their international boundaries, trade and businesses around the world have been hit the worse. Apart from critical health care repercussions, the global pandemic has already slowed down the economy in a number of nations that would require years to retrieve. Stock markets have already started showing the effects of the upcoming global recession.


COVID 19 Pandemic doesn’t discriminate amid rich and poor and has spread out to every corner of the world and the numbers are exponentially increasing. The social dynamics have changed over the last two months where people are locked in their houses and living a very constricted lifestyle. These are the time when brands seeking to kick-start their business in the coming times should indulge in interaction with their customers through online presence i.e. through YouTube marketing, PPC campaigns, social media awareness campaigns, informative blogs, and contests.


Businesses financially hit by the ongoing economic slowdown should resort to online/digital marketing tactics to reinstate their reputation in the market when the lockdown ends and things stabilize. Digital marketing policy has the potential to target, reach out and engage the customers through a range of marketing modules even in these difficult times. These policies when applied correctly will allow the brands to go along with PPC campaigns, vigorous social media promotions to correctly utilize the void created by other brands.


Digital marketing should be adapted by brands facing the wrath of this economic slowdown and stay prepared for the opportunities which would come there as soon as the lockdown ends in India. The Digital Marketing companies providing SEO Content Writing Services in Kolkata are strategizing and providing marketing plans to their clients to utilize the increase in screen time by shifting their business utilize other social media platforms, website optimization and communicate with their clients.


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