CoronaFeedback: Social Media is unique because of how it grows

April 11, 2020
CoronaFeedback: Social Media is unique because of how it grows
The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has triggered numerous changes and has laid waste to livelihoods all across the globe. The devastated population of the world is now battling to come up with a culpable cure for this overwhelming disease. And apparently, things aren’t looking really good for the health sectors in some countries. With the foreseeable future of many small/medium scale businesses in grey dismay, it is to be only smart for entrepreneurs and businessmen alike to be trying their physical best to put all their resources and best efforts in safeguarding one’s establishment. The coming days are going to be shrouded in economic uncertainty and if we were to listen to the experts, the effects of the COVID-19 virus are far graver than simply causing the death toll to rise. It is in fact speculated that even though the death count will not pose a threat to humanity. But the things that will get destroyed in its way will be every man-made/man-oriented operation, done/planned by men for other men/consumers.  You will also notice that some companies and brands have come forward in aiding relief to the stricken, but will that be enough?


With almost a world-wide lockdown in pursuit, your potential consumer seems to be at home, working from home, on a break at home, self-isolated at home, etc. As people find their entire routine’s being shifted to suit the more boring ritual of staying indoors, many extroverts and ambiverts are facing difficulties keeping their calm when their individual free time is being butchered by boredom. And they can’t really much help themselves from being sucked into binging on web-series and surfing on social media, desperate to escape the effects as much as possible. Now, since we aren’t talking days but months, so we have to also understand what can be your company’s long term goals to achieve that you can attain through digital marketing. And therefore we arrive at the reason why we are writing this blog in the first place.


Placate why all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc, have been booming since people started getting quarantined at home with nothing left to do but wait for this epidemic out by staying at home. With that in mind, the common public who indulges in any of the above social media platforms, depending upon their age, location and personal taste, they are likely to increase their time either investigating the facts about this disease themselves or by simply indulging in social media, like they previously did, but due to the situation, the time of being online through their respective SM handles will increase indefinitely. So, not only are you getting more browsing time, social media has now opened up new doorways for you as a business to present your services/goods to new customers. Social media marketing hotshots, independently analyzed data from 2,152 TikTok influencers and saw user engagement jump well over by 27 percent on average from the month of February to March. Also,, another digital marketing firm eMarketer predicts that the pandemic will boost digital media consumption across the board including online gaming and over-the-top video, with the biggest growth in usage and time spent going to subscription-based video on demand (SVOD).


In fact, if you are trying to establish yourself as a brand, you right now have the best playground to achieve the right kind of traction for philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. Your fanbase over social media is intelligent yet there are some who really put themselves in your shoes and try to justify the reason or the take behind your social media campaign. They openly welcome positive and yet sharp and cynical content. And therefore, the confusion of which flavors to bring to your online branding strategies. Your ability to make your customers empathize to your notion and for them to also believe that you too are thinking the same thing as them, that will give rise to an organic connection between you and your viewers that will garner you long-term results.

With various social media platforms individually setting different markers and regulations for selling products through sponsored ads, etc, some establishments also believe in maintaining the standards and quality of their respective social media handles will ultimately help your followers engage and interact with your brand at a personal level. And that too can really switch things up for your company now. That is if you think you’re ready.

Honestly, social media marketing is pretty darn cost-effective with palpable results to show. To truly fathom the power of social media, one must indulge in social media like a pro to be able to detect all relative trends, keywords, influencers, hashtags, pages, etc. Because your social media campaign/content can get lost in the vast crevices of social media. And therefore, you really need to think it through before launching your plan.


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