Impact of Technical SEO on User Experience

SEO + UX = Success in 100 percent visibility

These days, SEO best practices include consideration for the user experience (UX).Till a few years back, SEO was simple. You can stuff a page full of keywords, and you would get ranked number one. Easy, right?Only if it were that simple today! Now, Google (and the other search engines like Bing) literally consider innumerous no. of factors into account while determining which pages will rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs) in respect to others of the same kind.


Therefore, this new reality depicts that today the key elements of user experience (UX) have been rolled in as SEO’s best practices. How easily can a visitor navigate through your site? The fact that whether your site will have quality content that will make these first time visitors want to stay and engage? Is your site secure, fast and mobile-friendly? Several other top SEO companies have already cracked & decoded the nitty-gritty’s behind generating organic traffic for different kinds of businesses & niche websites. For them, developing the right kind of UI/UX is the starting point of all things successful.


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Think of the partnership of SEO and UX this way: SEO targets search engines, and UX targets your website’s visitors. Both share a common goal of giving users the best experience while browsing. Therefore, if you go to a SEO specialist, they may explain you the same.


Here are some common website elements that impact both SEO and user experience.

• Catchy readable/ intriguing Headings

• Easy navigation and site structure of your online websites

• User signals are also important as studies show that they have direct correlation to better rankings

• Site speed as that is important to keep your viewer engaged till the valuable information is imparted.

• Mobile experience of the above business/ site needs to have easy accessibility, smooth page loading & other informational texts & elements.

Now your goal is to search for affordable SEO services as search engine optimization agencies are already equipped with the necessary experience, data & a dedicated workforce that know their SEO.The tricky part of this whole process is to ultimately find one such Search Engine Optimization company that will work within your reasons & will carry forward your visions while designing the best kind of user-friendly UI/UX for your website & the perks of availing third party seo services.
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Also, constant testing & upgrading your UX as per the upgraded SEO guidelines will always effect your business in good favour. Therefore do your research before you launch into a digital marketing plan to boost your company’s online image.


2020 has kick-started, it’s time to look into the advanced SEO trends dominating the digital market in 2020. Why? As new businesses come up each day, the competition for the viewer’s attention increases. Being on the top of the latest SEO trends will help you to meet the specific requirements that search engines use to rank websites. Therefore, the seo specialists from Go Futurenet, the best digital marketing services company shares you some of the best SEO trends that you will see in 2020.


Effective Voice Search Strategies

There was a time when voice search accounted for a small fraction of total searches globally. Today, we’re observing more than 20 percent of all the mobile queries are voice searches. In 2020, all we can say “Welcome the rise of Voice Search Kingdom”. Its popularity has been possible due to the prominence of artificial intelligence and chatbots in smart phones, especially Anroid. This gives a huge scope for business with a local presence. A detailed study is required on the users’ search pattern. You will notice that they are mostly long-tail, direct and are local based. Create an effective Voice search strategy in the form of bullet lists as they increase your chances of ranking.


Featured Snippets dominate more Clicks

Google has evolved a lot over the years to deliver a better search experience for the users and then they introduced Featured Snippets. They are brief excerpts on Google found above organic search results and below the AdWords block. They typically appear above the number one organic search result. Featured snippets appear on 23% of search result pages. There are five types of featured snippets: paragraph, list, video, table and accordion. Paragraphs and Lists are the most popular types of featured snippets. For using the benefit of featured snippets and acquiring more website traffic, you have to come up with clear answers to questions that are normally asked on your website. This is more likely an old but a refresh SEO trend that top seo companies are following with some important changes.


Win In The World of Zero Click Searches

Zero Clicks is the new buzz among the best search engine optimization agencies. Now, what is it, right? No click or Zero click searches are a search engine result page known as SERP that shows the answer to a user’s query at the top of a Google Search result. These search results actually satisfies the user’s intent without having to click on any search result links.


BERT is your Go-Getter

We would like to give good news to all the budding search engine optimization companies
“Bert is here to stay!” For a long, long time Google’s been using learning algorithms to enhance their user’s experience with search and avoid keyword-stuffed webpages. This year, Google will be focussing more on this objective with their latest algorithm named BERT. The newly-implemented BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations), is the algorithm that is used to help Google better understand the context in which keywords are used.


Create High Quality & Advanced Content

Quality content is one of the most important parts of your SEO. Apart from quality, the content also has to be in a SEO-friendly format because the Google algorithm looks for essential words at particular places on your web page or blogs. If the content is unique & relevant to the keywords research, then any website can go to the top of search engine rankings. Also, try to break your content with header tags, so that it is easier for the user to read your exciting content.


Seo-friendly Website

One noticeable trend among the marketers this year will be brand awareness and brand building at the forefront. And to establish this goal, Seo-friendly website is the first thing that comes in our mind. A seo friendly website has 6 salient features which are as follows:


  1. Innovative Titles
  2. Well formatted URLs
  3. Speedy Page Loading
  4. A Meaningful Structure
Marketers, ready to excel the SEO thing with Go Futurenet? Only one advice, the moment you feel you have decoded the latest SEO trends, it starts to modify. Therefore, to keep yourself in the race, stay updated and adjust your work to new challenges. Till then these given trends will surely help you boost your SEO service.




can be used as a reliable strategy to boost your business forecast and reach your target customers successfully. However, the strategy can boomerang if certain SEO practices are used/overused. Thus, it is not only important to follow the established SEO practices like building links, curetting content with keywords etc but these should be followed with discretion. To reach the top of the SERPs, businesses often end up committing SEO mistakes inadvertently. To know about these SEO mistakes in a nutshell, follow our Info graphic.
either executed in-house or through professional SEO services India, can be used as a surefire strategy to boost your business prospects and reach your target customers effectively. However, the strategy can backfire if certain SEO practices are used/overused. Thus, it is not only important to follow the established SEO practices like building links, curetting content with keywords etc but these should be followed with discretion as well. To reach the top of the SERPs, businesses often end up committing SEO mistakes inadvertently. To know about these SEO mistakes in a nutshell, follow the Info graphic developed by the top SEO agency in Kolkata, Go futurenet. Also, read our specific blog on avoiding the SEO mistakes in order to help your business perform better in the highly competitive online environment at Steps to Take When Your SEO Strategy Goes Wrong.