What every business owner must know about Digital Marketing

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Email Marketing

Email marketing has a major role to play in the digital marketing policies of a business, where email notifications are sent to a database of current, prospective and past customers. A regular marketing campaign can help to leads to customers.



Paid Promotions on Social Media

the business pays for brand-related advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach out to their target audience.  A social media handle where content is uploaded every alternate day is not as effective as it was previously. These ad campaigns convert prospective ad viewers into clients when targeted correctly and optimized. Registering business on Facebook Business Manager and Instagram is a must as it adds on to your brand’s visibility. LinkedIn and Twitter are two such platforms where professional requirements are met and businesses can grow organically with optimized use of creative’s and hash tags. A perfect Twitter outreach strategy can do wonders for a brand.



 Content Generation

Content is considered a great way to reach out, where blogs, videos, visuals, website content, and pictures give out a message about your brand and turn more leads towards your brand.



Digital marketing Services Kolkata perfectly utilize a perfectly planned digital marketing strategy to build credibility for their clients hence  increasing service and product loyalty, increasing brand visibility and creating new customers



PPC Campaign

A PPC campaign adds the extra 15% reach to your digital marketing plans where a simple Pay Per Click campaign delivers queries and sales and eventually add on to the number of conversions. Google Ad words when utilized correctly can provide a number of solutions by placing your business in front of millions of prospective customers.



YouTube Videos

Videos have always been a visual treat, where YouTube videos when combined with the proper title tag, uploading a transcript and embedding the video are some utilization of video SEO exposure.


Digital marketing company Kolkata use well-designed videos to boost the promotional game for their clients and give out a message of dedication and passionate marketing initiative.

5 ways digital marketing can help grow business – 2020*

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Mounting recessionary worries are creating panic among business owners as availability of critical resources has become uncertain, obstructions have been sighted in the supply chain and there is a huge fall in demand for services and products.


Digital marketing is being termed the most sought off option now and even more when normalcy returns after the nationwide lockdown is lifted. The short term strategies implemented now would have a long time effect on the brand’s reputation and profits.


So, below is a list of 5 ways in which digital marketing can help your business grow in the current situation.


Configuration of Google Analytics

COVID 19 Pandemic has caused people to spend more and more time online, so it is very essential that best website practices are utilized and data is implemented correctly to drive marketing policies efficiently. Some strategies to take into account are Analytics Goals, proper connections of Search Console and data analysis norms for strategizing.



Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is considered the easiest way to keep in touch with customers. In these difficult times when Digital marketing Services India has come to the rescue for every big and small brand, continuous contact with customers is very important. Sending targeted, personalized messages to your clients when businesses cannot rely on face to face interactions are very impactful.



Sponsored social media posts –

Targeted, conceptualized and affordable sponsored posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram will allow the business to tackle the absence of the brands from the real scene. These are direct ways to reach out to the target audiences through targeted messages and in the form of sponsored posts/ advertisements.



Generate Insights from the sales teams

The sales team is a group of people who are the closes point of contact for the probable customers. Utilizing their first-hand experiences in generating content for your brands would be very effective. These responses are a summary of their experiences, customer interactions and other queries generated and will eventually allow your brand to grow and target audiences effectively.



Google Ad Words

Google Ad words have always been one of the topmost things on the digital marketer’s to-do list when normalcy returns and businesses start resuming their work. Digital marketing company India works on correctly placing Google Ad words which will allow your brand to appear on the top of search results.Better life waits after the crisis is over, it’s better if brands utilize this time productively by reviewing, analyzing and strategizing for the coming period. Conversion of short term plans into long time benefits, conceptualizing broader strategies and drive genuine leads.


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Keeping Your Supply Chain moving for the Next 90 Days

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As 2019 came to an end, following a difficult trade war between giants, supply chains all across the globe are now facing an additional disruption caused by the lethal Coronavirus. Even when the month of April rolled in, many countries are still struggling to maintain the even flow of the supply-chain of other resources and commodities. The evolved virus’s impact on international supply chains had spread beyond China and eventually and yet not so surprisingly, managed to create knock-on effects in other parts of the globe as well, like so many of us know that major countries all around have had been recumbently dependant on China for raw resources are more.


Many businesses are able to mobilize their operations quite rapidly and are able to set up crisis-management mechanisms effectively, ideally in the form of a nerve center. Typically, the focus is naturally short-termed. Though, how can supply-chain leaders also prepare for the medium and longer terms—and how they manage to muster enough resources to build-up the resilience that will see them through the other side of this Corona pandemic?


India’s largest biscuit manufacturer(by volume), Parle, is making do with only 15% of its total hired labor force. Mayank Shah, products category head, said while the capacity of utilization has improved from 10-15% to about 25%, logistics to have improved, but on the labor front, the biscuit brand is facing a major concern. And with the rising number of confirmed cases/deaths and the prolonged lockdown, the situation “will not improve until trains and buses start operation”.

It’s the same story across in other bluechip companies in consumer-facing businesses. An ITC spokesperson said: “Essentials factories have been operating with restricted hours and reduced workforce”, and that “manpower shortages and availability of trucks” are major challenges.

Here, we arrive at a point where we just have to make things work for the next 90 days. If the situation doesn’t get better that is.


In the current scenario, we can observe that a complete short-term response means tackling the six sets of issues that require rapid action, across the end-to-end of a supply chain.


These actions should be taken parallel to each variant step to help support the immediate workforce and allow you to comply with the latest policy requirements as well:


    1. Create transparency on every tier of your supply chain, establish a list of critical components, determine the origin of supply and identify alternative sources.


    1. Estimate all available inventories along the value chain, including spare parts and after-sales stock.  To be used as a bridge to keep production running while enabling delivery to customers.


    1. Assess every realistic final-customer demand and respond to (or, contain, where possible, etc.) shortage-buying behavior of customers at all times.


    1. Optimize production and distribution capacity to ensure employee safety, enable them with personal protective equipment (PPE) and engage them with communication teams. To share infection-risk levels & work-from-home options.


    1. Identify and secure logistics capacity, estimate the capacity and final acceleration whenever possible and be flexible on your transportation modes, whenever required.


    1. Manage cash and net working capital by running regular stress tests to understand where supply-chain issues can start to cause a financial impact.


Finally, when coming out of the global crisis, governments and companies/brands alike should take a complete 360°scope look at their respective supply-chain vulnerabilities and the jerks that could expose them much as the coronavirus has. The detailed responses, once compiled, can reveal major opportunities for sellers and retailers—for example, using current and predicted scenario analyses to review the structural resilience of each critical logistics node, route, and transportation mode. It can reveal weakness even when individual components, such as important airports or rail hubs, may appear to become resilient.


But with other resources and businesses that come secondary, such sectors to are reviving their paused operations and uplifting their customers on social media with the news of being able to reach them soon. Now, when looking for the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, you will find that Go Futurenet is one of the most sought after digital marketing service providers in most parts of the country.


Choose wisely on the game to restart your new post-pandemic business endeavor with one of the best creative design and marketing agency in Kolkata.



Set your contingency plan into motion: Detect new rising trends & plan your next steps

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Coronavirus pandemic has affected not just the health of almost 10, 00, 000 people but also a range of businesses and brands because of the complete lockdown of countries around the globe. But this situation won’t last forever and the lifestyle, buying patterns of people is going to stabilize after people come out from Isolation and quarantine. This is the time when businesses should brush up their strategies, implement newer plans, cope up with prevailing realities and reshape our businesses to cope up with the current situation.



PPC advertising is one great way of advertising now when people are at home and online most of the time. A PPC campaign could let you reach out to a wider market with very fewer expenses and sail through these hard times and still have a competitive advantage over your competitors.



Content Market Strategies

Online content is being consumed at a very higher rate than before; hence working on content marketing strategies will improve your businesses’ online visibility and brand value. It is very important to enhance your digital marketing strategies at this moment so that you reach out to the right people and generate leads, future customers.


Strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO activities done strategically will increase the traffic on your site, which is quite necessary right now when people are turning towards COVID 19 related answers and solutions. This Lockdown period is the time to ramp up your SEO strategies to move ahead and route the daily search traffic towards the website. Stopping or pausing your business campaign during this time could be a problem when businesses could lose out on viewers, customers.


Digital marketing companies are suggesting their clients should stay prepared for the upcoming months where their short term efforts now would reap them bigger profits.


New Opportunities in Horizon: Generating Social Media Fanbase for Pubs and Restaurants

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The Coronavirus pandemic is has spread across the globe like wildfire. There doesn’t seem to be an end to this with no probable vaccination still in the market. All this began in December 2019 in China and has grown into a worldwide problem, unlike anything any of us have ever seen before. And the world has turned upside down with little to no resistance left against the imperative of this deadly world pandemic.


Therefore, going into the details of this misfortunate occurrence isn’t what we shall do here. Here we shall discuss and imbibe our minds in what the future lies for businesses, especially, keeping in mind that supply chain, world trade, confrontation with daily customers & executing orders that will run massive plants with the labor class enabling their last humane touch to the delivery of all our goods. Now with a shortage of manpower in most countries all across and in different economic sectors, we can see these people being directed to their homes, seeking indulgence within the safety of its walls, embracing the lockdown.


We’re all dealing with the impact the worldwide crisis has had on all our respective lives, whether people have been tested positive or not. We all are taking precautions. We are locked in our homes and our kids aren’t in school/colleges. We can’t visit our friends and close to relatives. We can’t eat at our favorite restaurants or hang out in pubs. Sure, all minor conveniences but important nonetheless. This is a time to really show empathy towards others and help out wherever you can. This is a time we all need to be sensitive and not to be too pushy but it’s a great opportunity for your brand to stand out during a difficult time.


So, now as a businessman ask yourself this question, what impact does the global outbreak have on social media?


Social media is one of the best ways to share news nowadays since you can find more people of all ages indulging in social media platforms. This, especially if you are trying to alert people of something serious in a very, very quick manner. Whether it be COVID-19 news from individual states or news on a national scope, social media gets the message where it needs to go. More people are on social media now while they are stuck at home, scanning for updates and trying to stay connected in a suddenly isolated nation of a scared population that is seeking comfort via Social media through safety tips by celebrities and influencers is another enormous trend that is spreading through social media. One, in particular, is the term social distancing”. Established hotel chains and restaurants all across the globe have extended help and aid for the people in distress.


Drawing references from them can help you understand the concept of social media branding. In fact, thinking back, I read it somewhere that it is usually prompted by businesses to donate and provide relief to the world and it’s communities, that in fact helps add value to your company’s overall image in the market and as well as in front of your own employees.


The effect of human empathy here is evident as the number of likes & consecutive share that such posts or activities generate is in greater numbers. Both common folk and your consumers will find relevance in your shared ideas and statuses. And will connect to your social stand any day. For hotels, the recent trend of sharing pictures in support of the doctors and other essential staff that are working to maintain the balance in our society, where they can be seen posting images of their respective hotels, forming a heart by turning on the lights of the selected rooms.


For restaurants, we know you can’t operate at all, but that shouldn’t pause your social media game. In fact, it’s the best time for you to go crazy with all different kinds of branding ideas that you can execute with your anointed digital team. Effectively categories and compiling all information regarding trends, the duration, message, design, and all these things are crucial when venturing into social media today. Tour guests and diners are bored and you need to keep your hotel/restaurant afloat on their timelines and you have to get them to notice. And that only comes with a well-thought-out concept and quality content for the post.


Try sharing pictures & reviews by your diners, ask them to take care, share new information, share “Do it at Home” recipes of food/cocktails, plan your next steps ahead and develop a build-up campaign of what you will do once the business opens. You need to understand this. People will be rushing to restaurants and regrouping and remaking canceled travel plans as soon as this lockdown is lifted. That will be the course of things and we can be certain of the fact that human nature only dictates that if something is in your sight, it will be in your mind. Think about it. Your customer is right there, connected via a smartphone and wifi.


And since, they can’t come to you, try social media platforms as a way to connect to them instead. They will definitely appreciate seeing interesting content courtesy you and maybe they decide to check out other posts by your page. Only because you gave them something to connect with. Now your next steps should be, setting up your various social media handles, jotting proper campaigns and valuable messages, appointing a social media manager and keep an eye on all your competitors. All this can be woes can be put to rest if you hire an agency to do all the work for you.


When searching the internet for the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, you may find the name Go Futurenet amongst many other digital marketing companies today that are still working because online marketing, e-commerce, and social media marketing, all are thriving due the onset of cross country lockdowns. Social media management isn’t an easy job when you are doing it for big brands and banners that can’t afford the wrath of trolls or get into any form of online mismanagement. This can severely reflect on your online presence. Thus, if hotels and restaurants do indulge now, it couldn’t be any better for them. But all of these need to be done keeping the human psyche as in consumer behavior during the interval of this crucial lockdown.

Now is the time to be socially active, to gain a competitive edge after lockdown ends.

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India went into lockdown since last week, where more and more indulged in social media platforms engaging themselves in Internet browsing, scrolling through their social media feed, searching for corona related news and other awareness posts from brands and communities


As people remained indoors, hours spend on social media saw a spike of 87% percent as per the Hammerkopf Consumer Snapshot Survey conducted on March 28th, 2020 across New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore on 1300 people. Earlier i.e. before the lockdown people spent an average of 150 minutes on social media as compared to 280 minutes in the first week of lockdown.



The COVID 19 pandemic has compelled people to stay indoors, with people working from home, students attending virtual classes by their professors and others indulging in random challenges and taking up online courses. This is the time when brands should focus on staying high with their digital marketing presence, sharing interactive content and coming out as a brand with sensible content on awareness and branding.


The shift in the behavioral pattern of the customers is most likely to make digital marketing agencies even more significant and valued tool of support in the coming times when the lockdown ends.


The global crisis, the lockdown, and people going into self-isolation is making them look for some reassurance, support, this is where online communities and businesses around the globe are filling in and becoming more active.


The conclusion stemming up from this analysis is how this shift in paradigm will affect the ways in which people interact or socialize because the longer they stay at home and away from every other form of socializing, they longer will they carry this habit of engaging via digital realms.


Digital marketing agencies in Kolkata are also gearing up with strategies, collected data, and ideas to fill in this void created because of social distancing and worldwide lockdown after Coronavirus Pandemic hit nations globally.

The Corona Shadow hits: What is the next step for your Business?

The new trials that we face with the whole world due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus are anything but something anyone of us could have anticipated for. In fact the rage of this pandemic was something otherworldly if we put our sights on its extensive and rapid degree of infesting it world population. That being said, the world may have had a contingency plan set and executed now, since almost all countries have issued total lockdowns with minimal pardons to only the essential subsidiaries that are required for the urban population who don’t really have other ways to procure the same.


Now, as major countries settle themselves into the wake of the deadly effects of the Coronavirus, we can be assured that some of them have taken measures to out wage the effects. Pardons of mortgages & loans have been sanctioned keeping in mind the inability of the payee to go out and do her/his job. Apart from that, WHO has set help centers all across the globe in relief of the Coronavirus infected individuals. In India, some of its states are enabling free lodging for all street-dwellers, providing food & other sanitary essentials.


But if we consider how businesses will fare under these distressing circumstances, things aren’t really looking that great from the government. Infact, to really press on harder things, the entire lifestyle of a whole economic class is at stake because supply chains have no outward submission due to lack of manpower. No product can be sent out to the buyer even though they have made the transaction. That can put a small business in a lot of load.


There are though, some ways to save your business from the effects of this near global lockdown if you have intentions of going through with it.


1. Establish a remote work option if your business allows that. By implementing this remote work policy where each of your employees can directly communicate their availability & course/ status of action regarding things they are responsible for.


In fact, we have seen that remote offices have grown in popularity due to its more sustainable & cost-cutting attributes. To all businesses out there, my advice would be to try this method of working because it really does pay to have more productivity bartered from all your employees.


2. We do recommend the bosses to speak with more relevance & accuracy to make the communication channel more effective. Employers should be thinking now about how they’re going to pass on important office messages & update from the World Health Organization. Also they should regard the US’ Centers for Disease Control or Public Health England and shouldn’t try to second-guess or exceed their message. To make this even more easier, Edelman, the World Economic Forum, WELLCOME and others, in partnership with the WHO, are building a platform that would feed accurate, timely Coronavirus information to employers for dissemination on their intranets. India itself has a COVID 19 dashboard whose link is readily available on social media platforms. Therefore, we can be rest assured that some digital marketing companies in Kolkata are still striving in this.


3. Finally, the biggest employers are the ones who have a greater part to play during these dire times. Global epidemic preparedness and response is dangerously underfunded. While the rich world can afford these tactile Coronavirus interventions, the global spread of the virus in less than three months has demonstrated how international health is as strong as the weakest and poorest health systems that it is comprised of if we were to determine the loopholes in our contingency plan. There are as of no drugs or vaccines against the Novel Coronavirus and research to deliver them requires funding too. I we were being honest; we need sizeable financial contributions/donations from high-income governments, from philanthropy and from global financial institutions like the World Bank, but also from business.


Far-sighted companies should see this as a shrewd investment, we get that. But the tens of billions of dollars the world actually needs to respond to Coronavirus are nothing compared to the trillions wiped from stock exchanges last week. Admit it. Customers & employees alike, both increasingly expect businesses to play a fuller part in supporting global public goods and to look beyond the interests of their respective shareholders and investors alone. There’s no need to invoke biased and privileged concepts of “stakeholders capitalism” or “social purpose here”; this crisis is a threat to shareholders, no less than it is to wider society. Period.


Coronavirus Pandemic is creating uncertainty in the digital marketing ecosystem. How to battle it?

Digital marketing agencies across the globe are facing the crisis along with all the other sectors of business as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic. At these times of massive uncertainties, brands should be cautious about the content they post as well as the creative’s they share.

The suggestive measures a brand should take during this global health crisis include –

Sectors have been hit hard due to the decision of Lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic-

Restaurants and other eateries have faced temporary shutdown, where sending out an email blast of pinning a banner to the website are certain ways in which these businesses can keep their communication on going with their clients. Notifying clients about limitation or closure of services give to reduce a lot of added work costumer would do if they had to enquire.

Spread awareness

A lot of brands have put up content with precautions as stated by WHO ( World Health Organization ), this approach is considered responsible from a brand where they value their patrons and also care about them.

Inculcate Optimism

Awareness about precautionary measures and social distancing keeps brands connected to their clients, similarly, campaigns about how one could utilize this lockdown period productively would gain much traffic. Where some academic brands are rolling out free webinars, restaurants are sharing their recipes and some brands are also coming up with their own gaming applications whereas some marketing gurus are writing about the mantra to keep your small scale businesses ongoing.


Pause all campaigns which are not relevant amid the global health crisis –

Ongoing campaigns should be carefully checked by the digital marketing agencies so as to pause any campaigns on non urgent matters and shifting your focus to content or campaigns. As the number of Covid 19 patients in West Bengal lingers around 10, the digital marketing agencies in Kolkata have come up with the suggestion for their clients where brands can support their customers, employees and those suffering during this global pandemic.

This period of crisis has made digital marketing techniques even more dynamic, where new opportunities and limitations are coming up each day.Staying connected with your customers online is the way ahead.


Google Urges Businesses to Update Listings in Recent COVID-19 Outbreak

Covid 19 outbreak has affected businesses across the globe, as a range of precautionary measures is being taken globally to contain the spread of the virus. Google recently released a notice with a header on Google My Business support pages, which stated that the business being affected by the Corona Pandemic should update their profile to provide the most accurate info amid Lockdown Now.

This notification from Google came amid the global crisis after the Corona virus infectious diseases outbreak when businesses are facing the crisis; employees are working part-time or from home. The notification urged businesses to update their working hours, phone numbers, and business descriptions to give their customers a better insight into their business along with the precautionary measures that they are taking in their business premises.

Digital marketing companies in Kolkata have also fast-tracked the process and are suggesting their clients to do the same on their Google profiles, this update will allow the businesses to stay connected to their clients and provide them with the most accurate information.

A huge number of people are practicing self-isolation or self-quarantine to curb the spread of the Novel Corona Virus under government instructions. This sudden change in the dynamics of businesses and government guidelines around the globe has caused a setback to a range of business organizations.

Hence, as per Google business directives, the business should update a range of information on their Google profile including –

Changing your business hours
Updating your phone numbers
Create a post

A detailed update of the precautionary measure taken at the business premises to prioritize the health of the customers and employees amid the spread of Businesses could use posts to communicate with their clients, services available amid this global crisis and other updates .
These updates made on your business profile will reflect on Google Maps and SERP’s.

Why Your Website Must Be ADA Compliant?

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was developed in 1992 to honor the needs of disabled people which would allow them to have access to every feature of the website which will enhance levels of website usability and bring in added traffic to your website.

Individuals who are hearing impaired or visually impaired have access to an ADA compliant website. Social media marketing companies suggest their clients to create an ADA compliant website, which will boost their business. Such websites are trustworthy where anyone can search for the content they need by setting them apart from your competitors. Digital advertising companies in Kolkata suggest their clients to include such features in their website which will in return enhance sales and profits for their business , and also pushes the ranking of their website higher on search engines .
Top advertising agencies prefer including certain such ADA compliant attributes in the websites for their valuable clients. Screen readers, text readers are some such provisions preferred by the creative advertising agencies which will allow the visually impaired people to have access to the website.


ADA compliance allows brands to enhance their reputation in the market as the website will be accessed by more users. Every digital advertising agency focuses on meeting WCAG guidelines for each of its clients by updating their existing website to an ADA compliant one.
Digital Marketing Services Company in Kolkata includes ADA compliant attributes such as text transcripts for audio and video content or stating the site’s language in the header for better understanding. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) gives the same opportunities to the disabled people as anyone else.


Every website should most necessarily be ADA compliant, where they should recommend their users as to how they should navigate to the desired section of their website. Reach out to your target customers irrespective of their disabilities through an ADA compliant website and make every penny count.