Lockdown continues: Can YouTube Marketing be a good idea?

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The world is battling the Coronavirus pandemic right now that started last year, December in China. When few residents of the northern province of China, Hubei, reported showed symptoms similar to pneumonia. By the end of the month, the local community of scientists was able to pinpoint the source of the disease to the SARS virus that had once already wreaked havoc in the world almost 17 years ago.


As the world turned another year older with 2020, beckoning new resolutions and new beginnings, things really went down south with the world-wide outbreak of this deadly disease. With each new country being engulfed by this pandemic phenomenon, we can see that in its initial stages, it caused mass panic and the common public demanded to know what was causing this and more information regarding the same. As a result of which social media and online video sharing platforms have become both an indispensable source of vital news and also a fertile ground for dangerous rumor-mongering, with claims of equal shock value but the varying truth is making big waves across the world.


Even recently stated by the Director-General of WHO that, “We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic.” This situation is the testament to the raw power of social media and a sign of how much we achieved when it comes to curtailing the spread of dangerous lies online. Let’s talk about it.


Now, if we were to strategically streamline your digital marketing plans for the foreseeable future, we need to realize that some brands will do better in getting the right kind of traction if they are showcasing their products/services on YouTube or any other online video sharing platform. In addition to other custom digital marketing services in Kolkata But in his blog, we will cover how a business should prepare to market on solely YouTube, and therefore, in this piece, we shall discuss a thing or two about YouTube Marketing.


And given the recent circumstances, where the whole world is in lockdown, with the death toll rising in countries and major economies shifting in balance, the common folk are feeling quite afraid to go out. And also, governments have employed various laws to prevent the disease from further spreading to the masses. So, now you can be sure that your viewer is home. And secondary to this scenario is that they will try to engage themselves in any form of trending activity or leisurely web browsing. Strategically, your customers are more likely to be on YouTube now more than ever as recent reports suggest that the online-video sharing platform is being extensively used by many as the common public themselves are resorting to videos to look for prevention and (unproven) treatment/hacks. YouTube had initially prohibited the monetization on videos related to the COVID-19 virus under its “sensitive events” policy, which bars advertisements on videos regarding terrorist acts, armed conflicts, and “global health crises”.


However, the tech company reversed that policy on March 11th, 2020, saying that they wanted to “make sure news organizations and creators can continue sustainably producing quality videos”. It then enabled people/businesses to release Coronavirus video ads for “a limited number of channels”, and on April 2nd, 2020, it expanded and facilitated monetization of content mentioning or featuring COVID-19 to all creators and news organizations.


This will help you immensely as you will be doing the probable video’s designated YouTube SEO keyword research and selection. The relevant use of these keywords while deciding the title, description and tags will help your video garner a better ranking as it will be vetted on by the overall user engagement, which includes certain parameters like how much time they were on the video. Whether they had moved onto the next video. Whether they liked, followed or shared your video. All that helps you attain better rankings and may also help your video appear as suggestions more frequently. While delving into the sands of YouTube marketing one must understand that their respective videos need to have good quality video and audio laden with freshly brewed content that your viewers can instantly relate to. If you are an individual looking to launch your first YouTube channel, irrespective of your choice of niche, there are few ways you can earn some attention/revenue.


You can generate leads, try Adsense, try affiliate marketingsponsored videos and lastly, crowdsourcing. We shall discuss these topics some other time.


Videos have always been the easiest way to make an impression. So, when you finally decide on configuring your digital marketing plan, equipping it with new YouTube marketing campaigns, you will need to consider a few important markers such is content relativity and making sure that your videos are backed by website links and URLs. And now is the time to rethink the future of branding. Think out of the box and work with a digital marketing agency or creative marketing company that would help you plan, execute, regulate and manage your videos and content on your designated YouTube channel. Go Futurenet’s team comes with a pre-designed and tested marketing framework that enables you to attain your coveted customer/audience base. Though there are several other digital marketing companies in India currently, few have the direction or insight to lead extensive campaigns on YouTube.




Digital Marketing Policies to tackle Socio-Economic Impact of COVID 19

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With the number of Coronavirus cases nearing the 1.5 million mark and countries sealing their international boundaries, trade and businesses around the world have been hit the worse. Apart from critical health care repercussions, the global pandemic has already slowed down the economy in a number of nations that would require years to retrieve. Stock markets have already started showing the effects of the upcoming global recession.


COVID 19 Pandemic doesn’t discriminate amid rich and poor and has spread out to every corner of the world and the numbers are exponentially increasing. The social dynamics have changed over the last two months where people are locked in their houses and living a very constricted lifestyle. These are the time when brands seeking to kick-start their business in the coming times should indulge in interaction with their customers through online presence i.e. through YouTube marketing, PPC campaigns, social media awareness campaigns, informative blogs, and contests.


Businesses financially hit by the ongoing economic slowdown should resort to online/digital marketing tactics to reinstate their reputation in the market when the lockdown ends and things stabilize. Digital marketing policy has the potential to target, reach out and engage the customers through a range of marketing modules even in these difficult times. These policies when applied correctly will allow the brands to go along with PPC campaigns, vigorous social media promotions to correctly utilize the void created by other brands.


Digital marketing should be adapted by brands facing the wrath of this economic slowdown and stay prepared for the opportunities which would come there as soon as the lockdown ends in India. The Digital Marketing companies providing SEO Content Writing Services in Kolkata are strategizing and providing marketing plans to their clients to utilize the increase in screen time by shifting their business utilize other social media platforms, website optimization and communicate with their clients.


Who Will Win The First Round of Lockdown Marketing: SEO Or SMO?

With widespread cancellations and suspension of operations until further notice, these are uncertain times for everyone all across the world irrespective of their jobs, race, socio-economic status, etc. Now, we totally understand that even though it might be tempting to tighten the reins on your marketing spends/ budget amid the growing concerns about an impending recession, halting these spending now could have an even more crippling impact on your future opportunities relating to the same very business.



Instead, businessmen and marketers should call upon trusted partners to determine how to pivot their marketing strategy to ensure they stay top of mind for consumers, whether they are moving up their buying timeline or purposefully pushing it back. Whether you are a family-owned restaurant, a small retail shop, or some other privately-owned company, you will be experiencing revenue losses in the coming months because it is inevitable considering the recent circumstances. Businesses that either provide services or just goods, e-commerce or brick-and-mortar, we are all bracing for a massive hit. There is a lot of uncertainty around the potential economic impacts of COVID-19, and that is certainly fortifying.


Our digital marketing agency has been working closely with our clients to respond appropriately to the rising concerns in light of the Coronavirus, as well as to make strategic and planned adjustments in their respective marketing messages and demand generation tactics. While you decide what’s best for your company, it is imperative that you truly understand the concepts and various modules of digital marketing today. Almost every major establishment of brand name resorts to accessing their valued customers through various online platforms. It can be e-commerce, through website visits, ppc, keywords search, social media, etc. You have to also understand that each of these individually contributes to procuring your customer’s attention. In this discussion, we are going to talk about how SEO marketing is different from Social Media marketing. And about which form of digital marketing can garner you more results during these precarious times of the Coronavirus pandemic. There are some that bring you results in shorter spans, like Pay Per Click marketing. But for the long run, SEO and inbound marketing are the real deals. You and your partners will be investing to build your final processes and workflow, ensuring that the data procured is quality with consistent measurements/checks, which thus, helps in amassing an audience and customer base. Creating quality content that ranks the highest in page searches, that it our goal. Therefore, you should also understand the concept of off-page and on-page optimization as well. What is more is that you can count on the fact that others are going to panic and underestimate the impact of an emotional decision they will be taking because of the pandemic, on their 6- to 12-month business horizon. As their engagement drops, perhaps their review volume or quality falls off, their publishing cadence slows and they lose traction across channels, you have the scope to push past your immediate competitors and rise from the ashes of the global outbreak.



This is actually the time to remain on your course and to tackle all of those potentially impactful SEO and marketing tasks you’ve had on your back burner for this long. Whether you’re working with an agency or handling marketing in-house, these are tasks you can get your team working on while they self-isolate and work remotely. Now, upon debating further on this, we have to also associate ourselves with broadcasting your assets on social media and enabling your good/services to pop up on your target customers’ respective social media handles. You have to realize that marketing the same product can be different on the different platforms as they have their own regulations about marketing on their site/app. Social media helps you attain organic likes and followings which again will be highly impressive if you are able to hold onto their interest. You have to realize that your customers maybe more comfortable on their individual handles over social media rather than on various websites or search engines. These are different traits/tastes shown by different people, only unified in their diversity. You have to realize what mode of marketing is best right now. And what is going to get you the customer’s attention that you understandably need?

But, it’s not rocket science and you have this under control, for now, but the coming days will require a preemptive digital action to safeguard your business. You can easily seek the help of professional digital marketing companies who will help you in deciding what your next steps should be and which mode of marketing can actually do better for your company, given you look for an agency that will take care of all the planning, designing, campaigning and would help you establish qualitative results that would further enable you to decide your next course of action.

When looking for best digital marketing companies in India, do make sure to check for creative designing and digital marketing agencies, such marketing houses come with all the resources to kick-start your company’s digitization with tested methods. Go Futurenet is such an agency that will enable you to expand your network of potential customers along with a complete digital solution for your business.

New Opportunities in Horizon: Generating Social Media Fanbase for Pubs and Restaurants

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The Coronavirus pandemic is has spread across the globe like wildfire. There doesn’t seem to be an end to this with no probable vaccination still in the market. All this began in December 2019 in China and has grown into a worldwide problem, unlike anything any of us have ever seen before. And the world has turned upside down with little to no resistance left against the imperative of this deadly world pandemic.


Therefore, going into the details of this misfortunate occurrence isn’t what we shall do here. Here we shall discuss and imbibe our minds in what the future lies for businesses, especially, keeping in mind that supply chain, world trade, confrontation with daily customers & executing orders that will run massive plants with the labor class enabling their last humane touch to the delivery of all our goods. Now with a shortage of manpower in most countries all across and in different economic sectors, we can see these people being directed to their homes, seeking indulgence within the safety of its walls, embracing the lockdown.


We’re all dealing with the impact the worldwide crisis has had on all our respective lives, whether people have been tested positive or not. We all are taking precautions. We are locked in our homes and our kids aren’t in school/colleges. We can’t visit our friends and close to relatives. We can’t eat at our favorite restaurants or hang out in pubs. Sure, all minor conveniences but important nonetheless. This is a time to really show empathy towards others and help out wherever you can. This is a time we all need to be sensitive and not to be too pushy but it’s a great opportunity for your brand to stand out during a difficult time.


So, now as a businessman ask yourself this question, what impact does the global outbreak have on social media?


Social media is one of the best ways to share news nowadays since you can find more people of all ages indulging in social media platforms. This, especially if you are trying to alert people of something serious in a very, very quick manner. Whether it be COVID-19 news from individual states or news on a national scope, social media gets the message where it needs to go. More people are on social media now while they are stuck at home, scanning for updates and trying to stay connected in a suddenly isolated nation of a scared population that is seeking comfort via Social media through safety tips by celebrities and influencers is another enormous trend that is spreading through social media. One, in particular, is the term social distancing”. Established hotel chains and restaurants all across the globe have extended help and aid for the people in distress.


Drawing references from them can help you understand the concept of social media branding. In fact, thinking back, I read it somewhere that it is usually prompted by businesses to donate and provide relief to the world and it’s communities, that in fact helps add value to your company’s overall image in the market and as well as in front of your own employees.


The effect of human empathy here is evident as the number of likes & consecutive share that such posts or activities generate is in greater numbers. Both common folk and your consumers will find relevance in your shared ideas and statuses. And will connect to your social stand any day. For hotels, the recent trend of sharing pictures in support of the doctors and other essential staff that are working to maintain the balance in our society, where they can be seen posting images of their respective hotels, forming a heart by turning on the lights of the selected rooms.


For restaurants, we know you can’t operate at all, but that shouldn’t pause your social media game. In fact, it’s the best time for you to go crazy with all different kinds of branding ideas that you can execute with your anointed digital team. Effectively categories and compiling all information regarding trends, the duration, message, design, and all these things are crucial when venturing into social media today. Tour guests and diners are bored and you need to keep your hotel/restaurant afloat on their timelines and you have to get them to notice. And that only comes with a well-thought-out concept and quality content for the post.


Try sharing pictures & reviews by your diners, ask them to take care, share new information, share “Do it at Home” recipes of food/cocktails, plan your next steps ahead and develop a build-up campaign of what you will do once the business opens. You need to understand this. People will be rushing to restaurants and regrouping and remaking canceled travel plans as soon as this lockdown is lifted. That will be the course of things and we can be certain of the fact that human nature only dictates that if something is in your sight, it will be in your mind. Think about it. Your customer is right there, connected via a smartphone and wifi.


And since, they can’t come to you, try social media platforms as a way to connect to them instead. They will definitely appreciate seeing interesting content courtesy you and maybe they decide to check out other posts by your page. Only because you gave them something to connect with. Now your next steps should be, setting up your various social media handles, jotting proper campaigns and valuable messages, appointing a social media manager and keep an eye on all your competitors. All this can be woes can be put to rest if you hire an agency to do all the work for you.


When searching the internet for the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, you may find the name Go Futurenet amongst many other digital marketing companies today that are still working because online marketing, e-commerce, and social media marketing, all are thriving due the onset of cross country lockdowns. Social media management isn’t an easy job when you are doing it for big brands and banners that can’t afford the wrath of trolls or get into any form of online mismanagement. This can severely reflect on your online presence. Thus, if hotels and restaurants do indulge now, it couldn’t be any better for them. But all of these need to be done keeping the human psyche as in consumer behavior during the interval of this crucial lockdown.

Coronavirus Pandemic is creating uncertainty in the digital marketing ecosystem. How to battle it?

Digital marketing agencies across the globe are facing the crisis along with all the other sectors of business as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic. At these times of massive uncertainties, brands should be cautious about the content they post as well as the creative’s they share.

The suggestive measures a brand should take during this global health crisis include –

Sectors have been hit hard due to the decision of Lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic-

Restaurants and other eateries have faced temporary shutdown, where sending out an email blast of pinning a banner to the website are certain ways in which these businesses can keep their communication on going with their clients. Notifying clients about limitation or closure of services give to reduce a lot of added work costumer would do if they had to enquire.

Spread awareness

A lot of brands have put up content with precautions as stated by WHO ( World Health Organization ), this approach is considered responsible from a brand where they value their patrons and also care about them.

Inculcate Optimism

Awareness about precautionary measures and social distancing keeps brands connected to their clients, similarly, campaigns about how one could utilize this lockdown period productively would gain much traffic. Where some academic brands are rolling out free webinars, restaurants are sharing their recipes and some brands are also coming up with their own gaming applications whereas some marketing gurus are writing about the mantra to keep your small scale businesses ongoing.


Pause all campaigns which are not relevant amid the global health crisis –

Ongoing campaigns should be carefully checked by the digital marketing agencies so as to pause any campaigns on non urgent matters and shifting your focus to content or campaigns. As the number of Covid 19 patients in West Bengal lingers around 10, the digital marketing agencies in Kolkata have come up with the suggestion for their clients where brands can support their customers, employees and those suffering during this global pandemic.

This period of crisis has made digital marketing techniques even more dynamic, where new opportunities and limitations are coming up each day.Staying connected with your customers online is the way ahead.


Can the Indian economy stand the test of the Corona outbreak?

Once the coast clears, it is not sure if things will go back to the same way it used to be. Predictions by major world-renowned analysts have revealed a darker side to this global outbreak caused by the Coronavirus. The world is facing what most are rather uncertain and worried than feeling faith in what is to come. In just mere number of weeks, this pandemic had swept across the whole world, stopping all forms of manufacturing, sales, toppling over the world share market, disrupting distribution & prevented supply chains from any forms of operations.In fact mere digital marketing services in Kolkata too were not untouched by the implications of this global crisis.


As Saudi Arabia opened taps on price wars on oil with Russia, the world stock market tumbled as investors fled the scene on Monday, March 24, 2020. Saudi Arabia stunned markets with its extensive plans to raise its oil production significantly after the collapse of OPEC’s (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) supply cut agreement with Russia, a grab for market share reminiscent of a drive-in 2014 that sent prices down by about two thirds. But here things are going not make sense. If we were to really pay heed to what the economists have put together that the true nature of the coming economic effects of COVID-19 will actually be from “reduced spending” will be in all extent more than those coming from disruptions to the supply chains and illness-related workforce reduction, herein stated by almost 52% in average by the same band of experts upon being asked in the congregation. Now, here is the case, almost everybody around the world, almost every government has allowed pardons and extended special laws to enable crisis management encouraged by the officials & representatives of WHO. In Canada, the waiting period for unemployment benefits has been eliminated.In Italy, which is one of hardest-hit novel corona virus areas to date, the government there has negotiated an accord with all of their banks for suspension of mortgage payments etc.


In Italy, which is one of the hardest-hit novel corona virus areas to date, the government there has negotiated an accord with all of their banks for suspension of mortgage payments, etc.


But, there could be a short-term disruption as well as long term-benefit due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (covid-19). The short-term disruption is linked to the global supply chain from China. We can fore say assume that our supply of pharmaceuticals and electronic components are the instant examples where the most disruption is to be expected. Now the question is how quickly we can find a substitute in the supply chain in case of an obvious future. Can we find the right standby in time?


To shine a light on the recent options we have as a nation, for essential electronic components, the problem is that India can’t approach other countries like Thailand and Vietnam because their value chains are also linked to China; therefore there is no ground to play in there. If we were to go to our more popular neighbors, Korea and Japan, the costs will make the appliances uneconomical. But what if this is a boon in the disguise of a mishap?


In the long-term, we have been shown a doorway of opportunity to expand our own factions in the world. It is an opportunity for India to start displacing some of the value chain production from China. Come on! We always know we wanted to win our freedom from the under their reign and win us one in the trade battles with the Chinese. Well, now we have it. Quarantine and isolation have been issued all across the globe, for India, the impact of the Coronavirus could go both ways. Exports to India will slow down as we covered before. But also, sourcing of raw materials will become seemingly more difficult as well. Possibly driving up the prices of many commodities; but it need not stop here. Earlier, India wasn’t able to capitalize on the enough talked about US-China trade war to capture exiting manufacturing business. This time, India has another opportunity. The pandemic has created a huge vacuum in the western world for manufacturing inputs. Let’s put things into perspective first. It is a heck of a good time for our country to attempt to fill-up that vacuum left by them and recapture many of its lost markets.


It could be a time for India to regain its lost momentum in exports. It could be a time for Make in India to shine. Opportunities abound, but for India to be able to capitalise on it, credit has to pick up. If banks don’t start lending, this will be another lost opportunity in a long list of many. We also have a shot at becoming one of the top countries to be manufacturing and exporting drugs.


It is being speculated by a greater number of share market enthusiasts that India could increase its exports by going ultrasonic on productions and fill the gap that has been created by China due the recent COVID-19 infected population. However, India itself is facing a sluggish growth and does not have manufacturing capacity to bump up exports. As like the rest of the world, we did not see the near future that waited us and exploded in just days of first infestation. Moreover, India’s own imports from China do make a small enough dent of 18% of all our total imports. Most of the imported items the list includes even leaving all electrical machinery & organic chemicals for drugs, we have to add nuclear reactors and allied machinery and iron and steel. Since electrical parts and chemicals are the main raw materials for electronics and drugs, the prices of these are expected to go up in the domestic market.


And if we talk about personnel with large scale or small scale businesses, they are at the mercy of their own because it is even worse for them as they won’t get any government assurance of any kind.


Alas, even though the World Health Organisation predicts that the death toll will not waver much from the expected forecast, though, we have to agree to one thing, even though we can’t really beat our competitors in the global market nor can we ourselves as an economy have enough resource to brace for the recession that is going to be caused following the recent pandemic. And the world is going to be at a standstill, for quite some time.


That being postulated, I request all to consider digital marketing as the next step of buffing the crisis.


Social Media to your rescue amid Social Distancing

These are not normal times when the death toll nears the 4 lakh mark globally and the world is struggling to overcome the rising panic of COVID 19, the world outdoors has come to a halt. With countries opting for complete lockdown and enforcing curfews on cities, empty roads and vacant public spots social media encounter the highest traffic. Screen time is the only refute to the millions of people locked down in their own house.


Experts predict a coming loneliness epidemic, where we humans the social creatures when deprived of going out meeting people or indulging in fun activities, will sit in the same spot for hours hence indulging in increased screen time.


Facebook groups have sprung in response to growing concerns about the corona virus, employees are working from home, kids have been awarded a month-long vacation and the older people have been asked to stay inside under every circumstance.Social distancing is being religiously practiced by people around the world, where they keep themselves updated, engaged and entertained through a range of social media platforms.


Facebook is flooded with information, where communities and brands are spreading awareness through stay safe, stay healthy campaign and other ways to stay away from Corona virus Pandemic.


The Janta Curfew on 22nd March 2020 as announced by our Honourable Prime minister saw immense participation from people all around India; social media feeds were flooded with images and pictures, hence uniting the people of the nation amid social distancing.


Brands are utilizing every means to keep their valued patrons aware of the situation, spreading the message of social distancing along with coming up with ways to stay connected with their loyal followers. This is the time when every other means of socializing is unavailable and social media is the key to stay connected.


Communities and brands are going beyond their brand’s mission to spread the message of staying healthy and safe, people are also indulging in polls and games over such platforms to stay engaged.


As India Fights Corona, the social media marketing companies in Kolkata are also reaching out to their clients’ needs and working hard to keep their followers updated about the global scenario.