The Best time to post on Social Media

August 20, 2021
The Best time to post on Social Media

The social media algorithms of such sites, focus on “what’s trending” and “living in the now”, with people checking their feed frequently. If you’re looking to gain an organic reach, consider posting when your followers are online.

  1. Focus On Insight

Basic knowledge of the targeted demo graph can predict when your audience is most active online. This applies primarily during the initial stages after the creation of an account. Being aware of the audience’s behaviour and priorities is extremely beneficial.

Instagram and Facebook, however, allow you to put the guessing game aside. These applications provide an inbuilt audience analytics feature. So you can steer clear of generic assumptions.

“Right post ,Wrong time”. A data driven approach to analysing social media reports will help you gain a better understanding of what to post and most importantly, when. Study the successful posts in terms of the awareness created, the engagement rates and the ones that attracted traffic. Timing is essential, observe the time and day and try to identify the patterns of audience interaction

2. Time Zone

While posting content, keep in mind the time zone your targeted audience fall under. Posting at a time convenient to you, proves futile and limits your reach to a few stray browsers.

3. Competitors Analysis

Keeping a tab on your competitors social media handles, gives a better understanding of “When” to post. Analysing the posts that performed well and the ones that didn’t will give you a heads up on what to do and what to avoid. It’s important to understand that bombarding content at the same time as your competitors may cause your reach to be less impactful. A 15 minute gap would give your post the recognition it deserves.

The pandemic has brought with it a new normal. Restricted to the indoors, screen time has increased amongst the masses in general. The Work from home culture has caused a shift in social media browsing time. Staying up to date with changes is life patterns is a must.

So what IS the best time to post on social media?

There is no particular “Best time to post on social media”. The right time to post depends solely on the nature of your brand’s audience. The right time to post on social media also varies from one platform to the next.

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