About Us

Our Story: When Worlds Collide-Go Digital!

With the world taking a total 360 ̊turn from what it used to be, the new wave of technology and the INTERNET sowed the idea of making IT BIG into the heads of our co-founders! Today that has resulted to an amassment of a fierce workforce which shares the same beautiful digital dream will help you bringing them to life, together. Go Futurenet is a top-of-the-line creative and digital marketing house that is dedicated to enriching your overall digital experience by providing you with innovative and ingenious solutions to both small and large-scale businesses alike.


Our team’s goal is to assist you in augmenting your business’s online presence while increasing its reach and engagement with respect to your target audience, and therefore, eventually driving the speculated sales in the right direction. And what we think sets us apart from our contenders is the eye for details. We always sought to present our clients with custom solutions to all their digital marketing problems. We have dedicated resources that can take on any challenge presented to them, from managing your online reputation to building you fast and easy loading websites and mobiles apps, Go Futurenet has got you covered!

Our Team

Ayan Chatterjee


Srimoyee Banerjee


Amit Mondal

Creative Design Head

Tirtha Bhaumik

Creative Design Specialist