7 Shopify Digital Marketing Strategies

April 30, 2022
7 Shopify Digital Marketing Strategies

Shopify is one of the most user-friendly eCommerce that lets entrepreneurs set up their business and small business online and grow their presence. An effective Shopify digital marketing strategy will aim to boost product sales and grow your brand’s online presence. So now you’ve made a place in the Shopify market phase. What now? A successful Shopify store needs a steady flow of customers. Every online marketplace reaches a saturation point from where boosting your traffic gets pretty difficult. With determination and smart work, you can redirect quite some traffic to your store. Here are 10 different Shopify marketing tactics that you can follow to improve its brand presence and hike their revenue.

  1. Consider using a competitive pricing strategy
    A well planned Shopify digital marketing strategy needs a competitive pricing structure planned on the basis of the other Shopify retailer’s product prices. Extensive research should be carried out to fix the online prices for your products. Retailers must keep track of all the pricings set by other retailers, analyze the pricing range and fix the price range of the products. Pricing is the one of the most important factors when it comes to online shopping. Online shoppers will not hesitate to switch to the same product by different sellers at a cheaper price. 

  1. SEO driven contents helps in audience engagement 

Blogging is essential for ranking higher in Google search. Having a Shopify shop with few products is not going to increase traffic to your store. An effective way to attract customers is blogging and creating content pieces. If you start blogging, it’s creating more pages and hike your rank in Google search. Blogging is also an effective way to engage your audiences and help them seek possible solution to increase your traffic. BLOG IMPLEMENTATION 

  1. Get a hold of influencers to boost your traffic 

Influencers have the means of amassing huge audiences and maintains the steady flow of traffic. A good market strategist should keep track of all the relevant influencers who are trending and can promote your products to the audience. It’s important to look for various opportunities to collaborate with the influencers. Connecting with influencers can be a key factor for gaining traffic and sales.

  1. Launch a giveaway

Giveaways can be a smart move for drawing attention to your Shopify store. Giveaways are a limited timed method to build brand awareness and get people to learn more about your products and store. To carry out a successful giveaway, you need to supercharge your initiative by engaging as much as audience as possible. Turn up your incentives that is lucrative enough for your audiences to interact and engage. 

  1. Get more reviews

The contribution of reviews on one’s brand presence is undeniable. Every customers will do some online research before tapping the ‘buy now’ button. Buyers heavily depends on online reviews. It can be reviews on Amazon, a personal review from other blogs or some kind of review aggregation service. Ask for reviews from your customers. Encourage more positive reviews and add an call-to-actions (CTA) on your website. 

  1. Use an Upsell

Broadly there are three ways to boom the sale of your products. The first two methods are pretty straightforward. 

  • One way includes gaining new customers
  • Or involving the existing customers to purchase on a frequent basis.
  • Increase the average size of orders

Every brand implements the first two but the tactics for increasing the average order size can be done by upsell. An upsell is a tactics that lets your brand sell products that is complimenting their current ongoing purchases. A classic example would be selling a back cover or a tempered glass when the customer adds a phone to the cart. The trick is to give the customers a discount for buying in bulk.

  1. Set up a Shoppable Instagram feed

Almost 65% of the Instagram users browse through sellers Instagram feed and purchase their products. It is recommended to turn on your Instagram into a shoppable feed. That will save you from missing out on buyers who had to exit the app and browse throught the internet and search for your products.

Now, you have 7 Shopify digital marketing strategy to boost your more traffic and sales for your brands. If implemented properly, it is bound tol increase your social media presence and improve your sales. You can move forward with one tactics at a time and watch your brand improve gradually.

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