7 landing page salient features to increase conversion

January 7, 2022
7 landing page salient features to increase conversion

When you design landing pages for unique campaigns, targeted audiences, events, or promotions, you can provide people with a clear, direct CTA and make it easy for them to purchase your products or register for your list. A powerful landing page seizes the attention of visitors and compels them to make a conversion.

Effective landing pages help you strengthen customer reliability and improve conversion rates by focusing on a specific short-term goal. Learn how to create an attractive landing page with these 7 landing page salient features to increase conversion.

1. Write a catchy copy

Landing pages similar to email and ad marketing campaigns are more useful when they include a thoughtful copy that is compact, on-brand, and relevant to your target audience. It must consist of a compelling Headline, Body, CTA, and a Footer.

2. Clean & Attractive Design

The look & feel of your page design has a massive impact on the effectiveness of your landing page. You must make smart use of hues and attractive images to catch the attention of the viewers. The colours like red or green are said to enhance landing page conversions, but one must always keep a strong contrast between your button colour and your backdrop.

There are various button attributes that you should try to ensure a good landing page – colour, size and placement to discover the most powerful landing page design.

3. Keep it Simple

An effective landing page provides all the essential information needed to encourage visitors to convert, but nothing extra. Highlight the key points of your offer by using bullet points.

4. Issue an unmissable CTA

If you don’t incorporate a call to action in your content, your chances of losing out on buys are higher than you can expect. A CTA tells your browsers to do exactly what you’d like them to. And if your copy is interesting enough, your browsers will have no problem taking action.

5. Include images and videos

Your image should connect directly to what you’re marketing. If you’re selling a product, it should be in the photo or flyer. Match your headline with your image, and you’ll have a master combo. 

6. Gain trust with genuine reviews

Consumers always trust an honest review. Take advantage of a positive review that you’ve received from your buyers by including their testimonials right on your landing page.

7. Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

Your landing page should look and feel exceptional on mobile devices – easy to operate, quick loading, and easily clickable. Researches have shown that a mobile-friendly site always has a higher chance of conversion.  Now that you have learned the 7 landing page salient features to increase conversion, it is time for you to try them yourself!


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