January 31, 2022

SEO tools supply information and alerts on the strength and success of your website, users’ behavior and lot many things.

They unravel the scope and detect faults and problems that may inhibit high ranking and proper visibility in the Search Engine Result Page.

With the help of these tools for e-commerce seo you can find relevant and highly optimized keywords, set up simple and easily accessible website architecture, enhance On-Page SEO, construct distinctive product descriptions, improve site loading speed, and create top-quality backlinks while maintaining the security of your site.


SpyFu is one of the best keyword research tools commonly used by webmasters to discover untapped keyword opportunities. It is primarily known for it’s three main functionalities:

Research on Competition

Keyword Research

Google Ads Planning


SEMRush is great for keyword and competitor research. This ecommerce tool also has a comprehensive data set. It may not include SpyFu’s Pay Per Click planning tool but has two very helpful functions:

Analyse of Competitors

Keyword Research

3. Ahref

Third on the list of 5 major tools for ecommerce seo is Ahref, a holistic SEO tool that can scan the web for the best keywords and anchor text. This tool also helps locate undiscovered back links in a short span of time. It’s most impressive features are:

Keyword Research

Competition Research

4. Screaming Frog Spider Tools

Assess your website’s SEO health with the desktop extension of the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool which comes with a range of features and functionalities.

The crawl stats generate data on important elements like title tags, alt tags, and 301 redirects, which can be exported and analysed on an excel sheet. The tool offers significant value for maintaining your eCommerce store.

5. Moz Pro Link Explorer

Develop solid strategies, track your progress and discover valuable link prospects with Moz Pro Link Explorer’s extensive link strategies. A machine-learning algorithm is used to rank the links it crawls.

Quite similar to Google’s index, you can track Spam Score, compare link profiles and create a link tracking list to monitor links over time efficiently with great ease.

These 5 major tools for eCommerce SEO can help boost the traction on your website by ranking higher on the Search Engine Page. Still curious to know more about how it all works? Consult our team of experts at Go Futurnet, who are more than happy to help you increase your website reach through the use of technical SEO tools for eCommerce.

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