5 Copywriting elements to test on your landing page.

August 6, 2020
5 Copywriting elements to test on your landing page.

Landing pages are standalone web pages very different from the other web pages created with the sole motive of the Call to Actions (CTA’s) to increase the conversion rates of a digital marketing campaign. Advertisements on various social media handles of a brand are routed to this page once a viewer clicks on these ads.

The copywriting elements on the landing page need to be aligned and optimized correctly

The key’s to test copywriting elements on your landing page are –

Effective Headlines-

Effective Headlines are the vital most elements of a landing page where this section persuades users to take action. Headlines are meant to answer what the business is about and how would it add value to their lives.
The subheading as the name says holds similar value where this section complements the heading, in some cases; digital marketers consider breaking down a long heading into two things, hence, creating a strong visual hierarchy.

Bullet points, on the other hand, are the easiest way to make the content on your landing page actually work.

Bullet Points –

Brands which feature bullet Points on their landing page are more likely to engage their viewers who could just skim through and get a brief understanding of their business or services. Bullet points on a landing page give more clarity in minimum time, which needs to be framed correctly with the perfect choice of keywords.

Also, make sure your bullet icons are appealing and eye-catchy in reference to the demography of the audience you are targeting through your ads.

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Call to action –

Call to action is one of the most important parts of your landing page, where the top-level digital marketers prefer using personalized and more focused CTA’s than generic ones such as “Submit ” or just “Message“.
CTA’s have the potential to incite action and one should use it effectively to generate more leads and channel the marketing plan towards higher conversions.
The placement, font, and colour also have a part to play in optimizing the landing page.

Testimonials –

Testimonials, when placed on the landing page, increase the credibility of the business along with trustworthiness. Personalized messages attract people more than just informative texts.
The privacy statement of the landing page is a necessity where business owner visibly states it that they are collecting a set of data from their users.

Privacy Statement –

The Ideas to write Privacy statement could include highlighting it in the header, embedding it in the footer or it could be a pop up where they can click on “I agree “.
Landing pages are at the heart of a digital marketing plan when brands opt for paid promotions, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media ads.

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