5 Best Ways To Increase Ecommerce Site Traffic

August 27, 2021
5 Best Ways To Increase Ecommerce Site Traffic

Customer traffic is directly proportionate to sales. Being an ecommerce entrepreneur driving more and more people to your website is your ultimate goal for both selling and brand awareness. Let’s take a quick look at ways you can be successful in achieving your desired goals.

1. A few bucks on Social Media Platforms go a long way!

A study says that there are about 4.48 billion people, approximately 57% of the world population today, present on Social Media platforms. Imagine what the numbers mean for your business. Paid ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkdIn and Pinterest is indeed an ideal way to reach out to our target group. Temptation drives sales and can be effectively used to convert social media users into customers by showcasing your products and services.

  • Facebook Sponsored Ads

Facebook has emerged as the most widely used social media platforms today with a score of 1.65 billion monthly users. Facebook allows you to filter your audience according to their interests, age, income group, location, etc. The more filtered your audience is, the more you will reach out to the right target group.

Facebook Dynamic ads helps you to reconnect with the customers who had already visited your website and had added products and services to their cart. This is indeed a powerful tool as it can bring those users back to your website and generate sales effectively.

  • Instagram Paid Ads

Instagram is the most popular social media platform among the Millennials. 73% of its users are between the age group of 15 and 35. So if your business is aiming at a younger age group, Instagram ads are truly your answer.

2. Search Engine Optimization because they are all searching for you

‘Just Google it’ has become a common phrase nowadays.  The same applies when a person is searching for a particular product or service. It is commonly said that the best place to hide a body is in the second page of Google. Paid Google Ads are the best way to avoid the same. Let your website rank among the top links on the Google page when customers are searching for you. This is an effective way of generating leads and driving the sales numbers high.

3. The Impact of Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the ‘new celebrities’ of Social Media platforms with a great number of genuine followers. With collaborations, you can reach out to these customers waiting for you on Instagram. Influencers connect with their followers through creativity and can do the same with your brand.  More than 90% of people value word of mouth more than conventional branding and marketing. It’s time to use this to your benefit by collaborating with the right influencers with the right kind of followers.

4. Contests and Give-aways keep them coming back!

Everyone loves discounts and free stuff. Giving free products and services will not only drive people to your website but also convert them into customers once the experience is good. Contests help to keep your target group stay engaged on your social media page by making them like, share or comment on your post which together increases the reach of your brand.

5. Content is King!

Create original content keeping in mind the interests of your customers. For example, if you are selling fashion wear, don’t talk about your products all the time. Find space in your calendar to incorporate content about fashion trends and fashion stories which your customers will relate to and be interested to read about.

Use free tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Keyword.io to research on your keywords. Using these keywords in your content will help your website rank organically on Google.

It’s All About the Numbers The larger the traffic on your website, the more successful your website will be as an e-commerce platform.  The idea is to reach out to as many as possible. With these tools and simple hacks, achieving your desired sale figure is no more a dream but a reality.

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