4 Major controls Twitter privacy tools can offer

October 7, 2021
4 Major controls Twitter privacy tools can offer

Social media can threaten your privacy as your life can be an open book to the entire world. Twitter has taken a leap and have successfully introduced privacy tools which can give you more power and control over the management of your account.

A set of new privacy features are yet to be introduced by Twitter where you can decide who can see your tweets and also control the list of your followers. The plans of its incorporation is aimed to make the social media users less threatened and more comfortable, while using this social platform.

The Twitter authorities have named these experiments as ‘social privacy’. A thorough research and survey conducted by the internal team at Twitter has indicated that the Twitter users are engaging less on this social media platform as they are unaware of the privacy settings and basics which are available to every Twitter user. Twitter has taken a smart decision and have come up with a solution for the same. This month, the users will be notified by this social media platform to review their privacy settings.

This is not just it, Twitter has much more up its sleeve.  Let’s take a closer look at the new introductions planned by Twitter.

  1. They follow only if you want them to follow

Previously, the only way to make someone unfollow you was by blocking them. This month, a test will be conducted where you will be able to edit your list of followers. As a result, you will have the power to remove undesired followers from your account.  

2. Hide and they can’t seek

Twitter has been there for fifteen years and fifteen years is indeed a long time. Most users have sometimes wished that they did not tweet something which was not in their power to hide or delete. Worry not, Twitter is considering a new feature which will help you to hide your tweets, anything you have regretted tweeting over the years. Once hidden, these tweets will only be visible to you and not to your followers. Twitter is still yet to decide the timeframe after which you can archive your tweets. It can be a month, half a year or a year. This feature has not been added yet and the date for the launch is uncertain.

3. Just leave it

This social media platform has an idea to experiment an interesting feature before the end of this year. This new addition will let you leave a public Twitter conversation entirely, whenever you do not want to be a part of it.

4. Not everyone needs to know what you like

This social giant is considering a benefit for its users, where they can hide the tweets they liked or show them to an audience of their choice, a select group or to their entire followers list. As it is now, your entire followers list can see everything you like. With this new addition, you will have the entire control over the same. However, this is yet to be tested and the date of incorporation is yet to be known.

Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey, has plans of tool rollouts to be the ‘company’s wide goal’. This is a dawn of hope for its wide social media users in expecting to see new features and tools in the recent future.

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