Killer Google Plus Marketing Strategy That Works Like A Charm

google plus marketing

The importance of social media in business is growing day by day. Social media has become one of the most effective means of communication. This has truly worked for the growth of various businesses in the industry because nowadays everybody holds an account in several online platforms. Though we are more familiar with the popular social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram, one very unique social media platform that should not be ignored is Google+. Although it is not as popular as the other platforms yet, Google+ has its own importance and may play a big role in your business social media campaign. For that you have to have an advanced Google Plus Marketing Strategy that will work wonders in your business.
Here Go Futurenet is sharing 5 Efficient Google Plus Marketing Strategies from their own experience that will boost your business to another level, which are as follows:


google plus marketing

1. Focus on building Google+ Communities
Google has placed a greater focus on the area than the news. Google+ is known for its solid communities. Google+ communities are more useful than Facebook communities for businesses purposes. Marketing on Google Plus is a great opportunity that can enhance the potential of your business.
In order to achieve successful marketing campaign, one has to build his community first on Google Plus. This increases your followers who serve as your partners in promoting your business online.

2. Use Google+ collections to promote your brand
This unique feature of Google+ allows users to group and categories their updates by topics, which makes the people following them to find updates quickly for the subjects that match their interests. Google+ Collections also helps in providing you with loads of content to use for promoting your brand.


google plus marketing

3. Share Content with High SEO values
Google+ is all about spreading quality content and then you have to use SEO techniques to make it more accessible to all Google Users worldwide. If you have gotten yourself a large base of followers, then your next step will be to engage them with quality content. Make use of external links, meta tags and other techniques to give your article a good boosting in Google search. You need to update continuously and improve your posts from time to time.

4. Utilize Third Party Posts and Contents
Mostly Brands promote their own created content and posts on social network and expect showering engagements. They do not see the importance of third party posts and content, which are untapped resource for driving engagements. The whole concept of Google Plus lies around building new relationships with influencers, industry friends, etc. You should not only comment on the third party post but also share contents on your Google+ channel.

5. Utilise Interactive videos by using Hangouts
In Google Plus, we have another feature known as Google Hangouts where you can do all kinds of stuff. Video is the most shared form of content in social media. You can post live video streams on YouTube or directly share your videos to your Google Communities. If you use Google Hangouts, your videos will get a good spot on the YouTube search. If you follow this tip, your content will reach a wider audience as there is a great chance that your followers will share it to other respective communities as well.

If the above rules are followed by a start up business, then nothing can stop the brand reputation and popularity among followers in Google Plus.