In a world where digital marketing plays a major part in the success of any business, your business needs to have a presence where your customers are searching for your services, Google.

Google PPC, AdWords or Pay Per Click advertising gives you the control and the ability to reach out to your future clients, if you are struggling to gain momentum in the Google Organic listings or just starting out, you can have your business showing in the search results in a matter of hours.

This is not for the faint hearted, a lot of thought needs to go into your strategy, keywords and account structure, you could see your hard earned cash disappearing quite quickly if not set up correctly, this is where BritWeb can help, we offer a number of services from account audits, setup and implementation through to the full management of your account.

The success of any type of paid advertising can be determined by a number of things, but ultimately it needs to generate a positive ROI for you and your business, speak to us about the solutions we can offer.

How does PPC work?

Google will charge you a cost per click every time your advert is clicked or your business is contacted from the trackable number in the call extension, the price of the click is determined by a number of factors in the Google advertising auction algorithm. During the setup of the account you should set a maximum CPC per keyword you promote, this initial CPC will determine the position your advert appears within the 10 positions available on each page of the Google results pages, you can raise and lower this CPC at any time to influence your position and visibility.

There are a number of ways we can influence and potentially help lower the average cost per click through the optimisation of the account, and the quality of the website landing environment, these are things we would discuss with you in a meeting.