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In today’s world, we revolve around the alluring web of digitization from day to night. From the
fashion streets of Paris to blood stained roads of Iraq, we demand to be updated all the time and
social media satiates this curious bug in us. Hence, we know the importance of it thoroughly.
Due its vastness, Social media is constantly evolving.  You wake up, check your Facebook and realize
that everything has changed!  Even a social media savvy cannot swear − “I know everything about
social media”
Then, how do we keep track of everything that’s changing?
We at Gofuturenet, the best digital marketing agency of Kolkata, have come up with 5 fascinating
ways to keep up with the ever updating Social Media. The points are as follows:
1.  Subscribe to Social Media Blogs
Social Media blogs are one of the most essential sources of latest changes in social media. These
blogs sole purpose is to get fresh information about changes in the virtual world and share it with
their audiences. Along with ample new updates, you will also find pro tips to apply in your business.
So subscribe to social media blogs and get yourselves crucial updates and also actionable tips to
manage your social media.
2. Make a list of Twitter Influencers
A sea of experts and well known influencers always come around in the digital platform. This is the
beauty of social media – Whenever there is a new announcement or update in the social media
world, you'll find influencers discussing it on Twitter. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you follow the right profiles.
3. Start joining LinkedIn and Facebook Groups
There are various groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that are dedicated to important topics and
luckily, social media has its own place there, too. The easiest way to find the right group is to use a
platform’s search engine. Type “social media” in Facebook search and it will redirect you to the
results page. From the “Groups” section, choose the ones you want to join. Now, how to make sure
you pick the right group? Always check the number of members following the groups. A sufficient
number of users interested in the topic in social media will guarantee not only fresh news, but also a
heated debate that you can join and learn from it.
4. Use Social Listenings For Updates
If you like being up to date and receiving news right after they’re published, a social listening tool is
another good solution for you. You will be updated about each and every new change on social media.
5. Make Some Social Media-Savvy Friends
You can be updated about Social Media through a very simple way: Just hangout with your social
media-savvy friends all the time. Through fun discussions and debates, learn about the latest Facebook feature or what’s new with Twitter? They can be a great tool to keep up to date.  If not,
then you may want to consider joining a local club, attend meet ups or social media events and
make some new friends!
Peeps, if you go on following these efficient points, we think you will be quite aware of the ever
updated social media.

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