Social Media presence gives a website the credibility it deserves !

Social media content doesn’t have to be professional or specially made to work. Because social media networks are made up of real people, who regularly share real and truly raw content.

With real people, real content and natural clicked photographs, one can really build their business on social media. The idea is to blend your business along with the people and build a connection.

When you share raw pictures and raw content about the brand, people are likely to connect more to your brand. This will help establish your brand at a higher level.

What makes social media sites like , Facebook , Instagram , Twitter special is the fact that people can connect to other people that they know. Everyone visits these platforms to establish a real connection, sometimes a real friendship ! Once a human being is touched and feels comfortable with a particular person or brand, they want to create a rapport, a real bond.

When one is setting up their brand, it is very important to remember the seriousness of the content and the brand purpose.The goal has to be crystal clear so that people know what the brand is all about and how they plan to focus on taking the brand forward in the future.

In order to have a loyal connection with your audience, the brand needs to have a few things that needs to be kept in mind always – Target audience, which social media platform is suitable for the brand, what kind of interest do they hold.

Importance of Social Media in short –

Social Media is easily accessible and is the meeting point between audiences.
It is cost friendly to advertise about your brand on social media as compared to print or tv media.
Social media also helps in search engine optimisation and increases the ranking of the company’s website.

In conclusion, the importance of social media , it is always better and more safer to consult the best designing agencies in Kolkata for your business as they will be able to guide clients on the best way to improvise and increase profitability of the company.


Facebook is a great platform for promoting a business online, where promotions reach out to the desired target audience through visual content, offers and other paid promotions. One should not just get into Facebook without understanding the dynamics of the social media platform, the norms for advertising and other regulations which enhance the conversion rate and hence the ROI. Social media marketing companies are investing for their clients on Facebook where knowing the right way of marketing is essential so that the money invested drive’s sales to their website.

Facebook Ads

Social media marketing agencies prefer going ahead with a simple advertisement with images missing out on the numerous other ways of marketing on Facebook. Going ahead with the perfect way of advertisement depending on the type of business is very essential to increase clicks and hence drive sales. An advertisement on the Facebook page could be placed either through Dynamic ads, Carousel ads or collection ads. Each of these types of advertisements should be strategically promoted to reach out.

Image and Headlines

Eye Catching videos, photos or occasionally a catch line could grab one’s attention in the crowd of Facebook feed. High-quality images and videos are a visual treat for the audience and are a reliable way to get more out of Facebook marketing and great Returns on investment (ROI).

Facebook stories

Stories are the most engaging way of connecting with your target audience; these stories could be anything forms text snippets, discount links, video, graphics or images. Target customers prefer clicking on the stories which are available for 24 hours rather than visiting pages and groups. Facebook stories are quite a dynamic approach to market new products and services, where an increasing number of business pages engage their target customers through Facebook stories hence influencing their purchase decisions.

Use appropriate keywords

Facebook is no more just a social media platform, but also a search engine where relevant keywords when used in the page content or advertisement can generate sales for a brand. Implementing appropriate keywords and tags in the descriptions, texts, video titles and captions can direct your target customers easily to your page. Online businesses around the world use their brand names as a part of the keywords where people searching for their brands and end up on their Facebook pages. While using keywords and tags digital marketing agency services in Kolkata should make sure that these keywords are not framed in an abusive or unethical manner, as this would end in an inactive or suspended Facebook page.

Optimize posting schedule

Facebook posts with exceptionally good content many a time fail to generate likes, views and hence all over engagement. This low engagement rates could be a result of posting on the wrong time of the day or the week.The top Social Media Marketing Agency Kolkata looks further into Facebook Page Insights, to get to understand the trends and time when your audience’s are generally visiting the Facebook page. Optimizing the posting schedule similarly will enhance engagement and hence ROI for the business.These are some of the most important guidelines on How to Effectively Raise ROI for Your Facebook Page if you are searching assistance with your social media marketing strategies, get in touch with our team.