The Latest Trends Set to Affect SEO Services in 2020

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2020 has kick-started, it’s time to look into the advanced SEO trends dominating the digital market in 2020. Why? As new businesses come up each day, the competition for the viewer’s attention increases. Being on the top of the latest SEO trends will help you to meet the specific requirements that search engines use to rank websites. Therefore, the seo specialists from Go Futurenet, the best digital marketing services company shares you some of the best SEO trends that you will see in 2020.



  1. Effective Voice Search Strategies

There was a time when voice search accounted for a small fraction of total searches globally. Today, we’re observing more than 20 percent of all the mobile queries are voice searches. In 2020, all we can say “Welcome the rise of Voice Search Kingdom”. Its popularity has been possible due to the prominence of artificial intelligence and chatbots in smart phones, especially Anroid. This gives a huge scope for business with a local presence. A detailed study is required on the users’ search pattern. You will notice that they are mostly long-tail, direct and are local based. Create an effective Voice search strategy in the form of bullet lists as they increase your chances of ranking.


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  1. Featured Snippets dominate more Clicks

Google has evolved a lot over the years to deliver a better search experience for the users and then they introduced Featured Snippets. They are brief excerpts on Google found above organic search results and below the AdWords block. They typically appear above the number one organic search result. Featured snippets appear on 23% of search result pages. There are five types of featured snippets: paragraph, list, video, table and accordion. Paragraphs and Lists are the most popular types of featured snippets. For using the benefit of featured snippets and acquiring more website traffic, you have to come up with clear answers to questions that are normally asked on your website. This is more likely an old but a refresh SEO trend that top seo companies are following with some important changes.




  1. Win In The World of Zero Click Searches

Zero Clicks is the new buzz among the best search engine optimization agencies. Now, what is it, right? No click or Zero click searches are a search engine result page known as SERP that shows the answer to a user’s query at the top of a Google Search result. These search results actually satisfies the user’s intent without having to click on any search result links.

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  1. BERT is your Go-Getter

We would like to give good news to all the budding search engine optimization companies
 “Bert is here to stay!” For a long, long time Google’s been using learning algorithms to enhance their user’s experience with search and avoid keyword-stuffed webpages. This year, Google will be focussing more on this objective with their latest algorithm named BERT.  The newly-implemented BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations), is the algorithm that is used to help Google better understand the context in which keywords are used.

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  1. Create High Quality & Advanced Content

Quality content is one of the most important parts of your SEO. Apart from quality, the content also has to be in a SEO-friendly format because the Google algorithm looks for essential words at particular places on your web page or blogs. If the content is unique & relevant to the keywords research, then any website can go to the top of search engine rankings. Also, try to break your content with header tags, so that it is easier for the user to read your exciting content.


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  1. Seo-friendly Website

One noticeable trend among the marketers this year will be brand awareness and brand building at the forefront. And to establish this goal, Seo-friendly website is the first thing that comes in our mind. A seo friendly website has 6 salient features which are as follows:

  • Innovative Titles
  • Well formatted URLs
  • Speedy Page Loading
  • A Meaningful Structure

Marketers, ready to excel the SEO thing with Go Futurenet? Only one advice, the moment you feel you have decoded the latest SEO trends, it starts to modify. Therefore, to keep yourself in the race, stay updated and adjust your work to new challenges. Till then these given trends will surely help you boost your SEO service.

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Importance of Social Media Presence for a business

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Social Media presence gives a website the credibility it deserves !

Social media content doesn’t have to be professional or specially made to work. Because social media networks are made up of real people, who regularly share real and truly raw content.

With real people, real content and natural clicked photographs, one can really build their business on social media. The idea is to blend your business along with the people and build a connection.


When you share raw pictures and raw content about the brand, people are likely to connect more to your brand. This will help establish your brand at a higher level.


What makes social media sites like , Facebook , Instagram , Twitter special is the fact that people can connect to other people that they know. Everyone visits these platforms to establish a real connection, sometimes a real friendship ! Once a human being is touched and feels comfortable with a particular person or brand, they want to create a rapport, a real bond.


When one is setting up their brand, it is very important to remember the seriousness of the content and the brand purpose.The goal has to be crystal clear so that people know what the brand is all about and how they plan to focus on taking the brand forward in the future.


In order to have a loyal connection with your audience, the brand needs to have a few things that needs to be kept in mind always – Target audience, which social media platform is suitable for the brand, what kind of interest do they hold.


Importance of Social Media in short –


  1. Social Media is easily accessible and is the meeting point between audiences.
  2. It is cost friendly to advertise about your brand on social media as compared to print or tv media.
  3. Social media also helps in search engine optimisation and increases the ranking of the company’s website.



In conclusion, the importance of social media , it is always better and more safer to consult the best designing agencies in Kolkata for your business as they will be able to guide clients on the best way to improvise and increase profitability of the company.


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The most important thing for any website to standout is to stay updated with the latest trends . Every year numerous changes have been marked on the basis of  popularity of visuals, algorithm, and other best practices.So, here we are going to talk about the different Web Designing trends for 2019.

A website that may appears smooth and attractive today might not be the same in the near future. So its important to consult website designing companies in kolkata with the latest trends of websites that will last for several years.

     1. Bright and vibrant colours

2019, is a year of vibrant colours and bright shades. Nowadays most of the websites are colourful and vibrant. This is done in order to attract clients and increase brand presence of the company. Also, warmer tones such as purple, light pink, baby blue, yellow and pastel shades help in evoking customer emotions as they are soft and calm shades.

      2. Videos –

Videos help in making the brand product more attractive as in a video it is easy to demonstrate the product or service in detail and explanation about the product is given too. This makes it more easy for clients to understand about the product and hence make their decision quick and effortless. Hence, having videos on the website, is quite essential and it is the top designing trend now in 2019. Pro tip- The best videos hook the user in the first few seconds and don’t require sound to be efficient. Use less time span videos or sequencing techniques to make your product appear easy to use.

       3. Less is more technique –

Designs always catch the eye if they are not too loud neither too simple. The design which is simple and yet attractive, will definitely attract more clients.  Although challenging, the process of eliminating non-essential elements results in a cleaner, more focused design. A firm understanding of layering, proportion, and white-space is key to this technique

4. Speed

THREE seconds. That’s all users spend in deciding whether to leave or stay on a website. Your design has that much time to convince a user to stay.

Research by  Akamaii and shows that 50% of users want a website to load in three seconds or less. Furthermore, due to the Speed Update algorithm announced by Google in July 2018. Website design companies in kolkata need to reduce page load time if they want to improve their search engine rankings.

      5. Interactions –

 All websites nowadays have a chat section where it is easy for clients or users to ask any queries related to the brand product or service. It is a user friendly trend and it quick responses are available on the chat so that user queries are answered without delay.

       6. Authentic Visuals and Photography –

 Real life photos and videos are always preferred over heavy designing or cut outs. Nowadays, everyone prefers natural visuals and photography. It portrays the real product as it is and makes it look more authentic.

In conclusion, for the latest web designing trends in 2019, it is always better and more safer to consult the website designing companies in Kolkata for your business as they will be able to guide clients on the best way to improvise and increase profitability of the company.








TIPS TO KEEP UP WITH EVER UPDATING SOCIAL MEDIA , digital agency in kolkata , digital marketing agency in kolkata , digiTal marketing agency in india , digital marketing service in kolkata ,advertising agencies in kolkata , digital marketing services in kolkata , best digital marketing company in kolkata

In today’s world, we revolve around the alluring web of digitization from day to night. From the
fashion streets of Paris to blood stained roads of Iraq, we demand to be updated all the time and
social media satiates this curious bug in us. Hence, we know the importance of it thoroughly.
Due its vastness, Social media is constantly evolving.  You wake up, check your Facebook and realize
that everything has changed!  Even a social media savvy cannot swear − “I know everything about
social media”
Then, how do we keep track of everything that’s changing?
We at Gofuturenet, the best digital marketing agency of Kolkata, have come up with 5 fascinating
ways to keep up with the ever updating Social Media. The points are as follows:
1.  Subscribe to Social Media Blogs
Social Media blogs are one of the most essential sources of latest changes in social media. These
blogs sole purpose is to get fresh information about changes in the virtual world and share it with
their audiences. Along with ample new updates, you will also find pro tips to apply in your business.
So subscribe to social media blogs and get yourselves crucial updates and also actionable tips to
manage your social media.
2. Make a list of Twitter Influencers
A sea of experts and well known influencers always come around in the digital platform. This is the
beauty of social media – Whenever there is a new announcement or update in the social media
world, you'll find influencers discussing it on Twitter. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you follow the right profiles.
3. Start joining LinkedIn and Facebook Groups
There are various groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that are dedicated to important topics and
luckily, social media has its own place there, too. The easiest way to find the right group is to use a
platform’s search engine. Type “social media” in Facebook search and it will redirect you to the
results page. From the “Groups” section, choose the ones you want to join. Now, how to make sure
you pick the right group? Always check the number of members following the groups. A sufficient
number of users interested in the topic in social media will guarantee not only fresh news, but also a
heated debate that you can join and learn from it.
4. Use Social Listenings For Updates
If you like being up to date and receiving news right after they’re published, a social listening tool is
another good solution for you. You will be updated about each and every new change on social media.
5. Make Some Social Media-Savvy Friends
You can be updated about Social Media through a very simple way: Just hangout with your social
media-savvy friends all the time. Through fun discussions and debates, learn about the latest Facebook feature or what’s new with Twitter? They can be a great tool to keep up to date.  If not,
then you may want to consider joining a local club, attend meet ups or social media events and
make some new friends!
Peeps, if you go on following these efficient points, we think you will be quite aware of the ever
updated social media.

Why is website important for startup business ?

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  1. Sense of Credibility – A website is a necessity for a business – big or small, especially in the digital world we live in. It enhances the company’s profile and a great sense of credibility is assured.
  2. Online Presence – An online presence is the most vital aspect of a company’s portfolio. To attain a strong brand presence and portray a brand niche in the market, is significant. According to Profitworks, 93 % of Business purchases or services start with a search engine search.
  3. Marketing and Advertising – Through a website, one can advertise their business on social networking sites, forums and through advertising programs. Websites give your business the opportunity to reach out to clients in order to showcase the brand.
  4. Convenience – Websites are also available and accessible twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. Due to this, customers can visit your site for support or information about new and upcoming products and services of the company whenever it is convenient for them. Your website will act as an invaluable and always-available resource for information which would otherwise only be accessible during your company`s business hours. Website’s are quick and easy and saves a lot of time which is very important in today’s busy world.
  5. Sales and Conversions – By having an online presence you allow for the sale of your products or services around the clock to whoever whenever with no or hardly any limitations. Giving your business the online presence it deserves is crucial to your brand.

In short, being visible worldwide means you are very likely to gain more customers. The more customers and visitors you have, the more sales you will generate.

In conclusion, We at Go Futurenet, give our customers an assurance of quality service and a delightful digital marketing experience.

Hotel Social Media Marketing Strategies – 7 Tips For Beginners

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Nowadays most of the restaurants use social media to build their business and attract customers.

If you are a restaurant or a hotel still struggling with fresh social media marketing ideas, then you are at the right place to learn and know what you are lacking. Go Futurenet is sharing its interesting strategies only for you to build a strong social media presence of your hotel or restaurant.
These are the following ideas which show how social media can aid exponentially in leveraging your restaurant and hotel business-


1. Let an Industry Expert Takeover your Account

It is very important to give access to an like Mr. Neil Patel to your social media account, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Research about experts from the culinary industry and do a guest takeover for a day or two. This will give your followers a taste of something ‘new’ with a fresh perspective.
Your audience will stay- tuned to your posts for those two days because –an industry expert, perhaps their favourite is going to introduce new ideas on the channel and it is something they definitely want to hear about. Industry experts can share cooking tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts of baking etc. and organize engaging contests to keep the followers glued to the brand in return for exciting giveaways, prizes or food vouchers.
This will also boost your amount of followers because expert’s followers will definitely follow your account for updates and announcements. It certainly seems a great social media marketing practice indeed.

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2. Let’s Take Them To Behind The Scenes

In today’s world, customers are keen on learning how their dish is prepared or the chef behind the dish. Always try to share your world with your customers and make them feel that they are the most important part of it. Give your customers a sneak peek with ‘Behind The Scenes’ and let them engage with you. Develop a fun environment where you share videos and pictures of your chef and stewards readying up weekly favourite or sharing easy ideas for cooking a dish.
Do not limit the “Behind The Scenes” to the kitchen of a restaurant. You should show how you obtain your groceries and vegetables from the local market, posting about your chef’s weekly highlight meal, employee of the month and sharing funny narratives about the employees lets your customers feel more connected to your business.

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3. Communicate & Respond to Online Reviews

It is nearly impossible to always monitor your social conversations on different channels and engage in them sincerely but for a restaurant and hotel marketer communications in social media is essential. They must give attention to responding to the comments, tagged posts and tweets of their customers. Whether, good or bad reviews, all of them must be attended by the restaurant’s social team. This practice comes across as receptive to the customers and people who are reading the reviews as a restaurant owner who is genuinely interested with the reviewer’s feedback.
Always try to create a friendly and communicative persona online and also address the negative feedback. This reassures the reviewer that their feedback is being considered by the hotel team and chances are he’ll drop-in again if you assure an improved service and state the cause of the poor service (if any). Respond to the positive comments and experiences as well by thanking your customers for dining in. A socially active brand is always recognized more.

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4. Use Geo-Targeted Posts & Advertisements

The first thing an individual Googles today is ‘near me’. This holds true for ‘restaurants and hotels ‘near me’ too. People choose to eat at restaurants and hotels near them or in close proximity. Every Restaurant and Hotel Marketer should invest in Geo-targeted advertisements that will help you save money and ensure only people in a specific radius or a particular city to see your advertisements by excluding non-relevant clicks on your advertisements which can cost you money.
Social media channels have improved settings and filters for narrowing your search and aiming for targeted areas only. You should take advantage of these targeting features for your restaurant business.

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5. You Should Use the Marvellous Customer-Generated Content (CGC)

It’s time to make your customers be your brand marketers and promoters. A restaurant hashtag lets customers post their pictures and videos of their visit and experience to the social media channels. A little digging into the social media channels with your hotel hashtag can give you some quality pictures and great reviews and experiences from your own customers.
A brand can request its customers to also share their pictures via the restaurant hashtag and moreover the brand must consider rewarding some lucky customers with a free meal or discount vouchers.

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6. Show Your Hashtag Feeds with Social Walls

Create your restaurant’s Social Wall with the restaurant/hotel hashtag and display all your social media feeds derived from social platforms in a creative way on this wall. Social walls are interactive displays that can be installed in hotel hallways, restaurant waiting area, restaurant walls etc. Many hotel and restaurant owners are using social media walls to engage more guests.
These are engaging concepts to attract guest attention and encourage social participation from customers. The real motive is to make the Social Walls extremely attractive with customization themes, fonts, designs etc.

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7. Let Influencers Talk About You

As far social media marketing strategies go, influencers play a huge role to engage people to your social pages. So, you can never give it a miss. It’s the high time, you should follow & seriously connect with an like Shivya Nath whose posts are really given importance. While connecting comment to their posts, talk to them & build a relationship so he or she also eventually mentions your posts and increase your engagement to a great extent

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Go Futurenet is an expert at “Hotel Social Media Marketing” as it has been handling the social media accounts of many premium five star hotels and restaurants of Kolkata such as Novotel Kolkata, Taj Getaway, The Astor Kolkata, The Chai Break, What’s Up Cafe etc. According to its several years’ experience, Go Futurenet has analyzed and written about the top 6 hotel social media marketing ideas for effective results. If you follow these tips, then your business will definitely attract more guests. We hope you’ve learned a little bit more about how to use social media in a beneficial way for Restaurants.
Go Futurenet has analyzed and written about the top 6 social media marketing ideas for effective results. If you follow these tips, then your business will definitely attract more guests. We hope you’ve learned a little bit more about how to use social media in a beneficial way for Restaurants.
All the best!

6 Crucial Website Tips To Boost Online Conversions

responsive design

If you want to engage with your digital audiences, optimizing your website for conversions is crucial and effective. In today’s world, customer base is entirely getting engaged digitally. The first time a potential customer interacts with your brand will likely be through your website. As we know its role in establishing brand’s name, businesses should view their website as a platform to drive conversions. In order to change websites into an effective sales tool, businesses need to boost their sites for conversions.
Go Futurenet outlines 6 simple, yet effective web design tips to optimize your company’s website to increase online conversions.


company website

1. Your Company Site Should Be Updated Regularly

Regularly updating your website reflects your company in its present state. On the other hand, if you ignore your website, an outdated site always leaves a bad impression of your business on a customer. An updated site refers to customers that your business is diligent in the upkeep of its brand and business and surely enhances the brands name.


2. Site Speed and Load Time Matters

If your site’s load time is slow, it indefinitely kills conversions. 58% of web users exit a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Today’s internet users are accustomed to immediate gratification, thus if they get stuck with the “never ending spinning of wheel” or an unusual slow connection to your site, they will lose interest. These negative effects from slow load times also have an impact on conversions. Your first target of optimizing a website for conversions has to be the loading of the site in less than three seconds. This nearly always helps increase conversions (and sometimes even search engine rankings) within the first week.


responsive design
3. Utilize Resonsive Design

Responsive design allows you to serve users on all different types of devices through providing a consistent user experience. This is very important because consumers are heading online on a greater variety of devices than ever before, from Android or iOS smartphones to laptops, tablets, and so on. In fact, 60% of all searches now occur on mobile devices. This explains why businesses enjoy higher visitor retention rates with Responsive Design. If you fail to do so, a huge percentage of your potential consumer base will automatically turn off.


4. Streamline Site Navigation for Usability

Optimising an easily navigable site incentivizes users to stay on your site, seek out your products, and convert on a purchase. If your website is difficult to navigate, it will turn off potential customers. One of the main reasons people shop online is convenience, so if using your site is inconvenient, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere. Thus, it is critical to create a simple and efficient experience for online shoppers.
Go Futurenet gives some suggestions for streamlining your site’s navigation for usability:
• Employ one-click checkout for returning customers and abstain from requiring new customers to create an account
• Make sure your search function is user-friendly
• Check all buttons and links on your site so that they are easily clickable on all devices


5. Ensure forms of Social Proof

Make forms of social proof, such as client testimonials and reviews, readily available to potential customers. One of the quickest ways to establish trust among your customer base is through transparency, and publicly showcasing customer feedback makes your business feel transparent.
Try to incorporate one or more social proofs to your website:
• Testimonials and reviews
• Logos of major brands that your company has partnered with
• Media outlets that publicize your product or services
• Awards
• Satisfaction guarantees or warranties
Established social proof ultimately puts customers at ease regarding both the legitimacy of your brand and the value of your product.


design elements

6. Avoid Excessive Design Elements

At times, it seemed business websites were in a competition to make the biggest splash in the form of flashy designs and animated gimmicks. However, at present, excessive design de-prioritizes user experience. It’s both exciting and advantageous to create a unique website design. However, it’s important to focus on user experience, such as easy navigation, as your first priority.
Following these crucial website tips, will surely boost your online conversions and will establish your brands name in the market.

5 Online Content Marketing Tips To Make It Successful

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Content marketing is a marketing strategy that revolves around the creation, publication, and distribution of content to a target audience in order to bring new traffic (and therefore new customers) to your business.
This is almost always done online through the use of social media, blogs and videos, and ebooks and other downloadable or interactive tools that share your brand and expertise with your ideal buyer.
According to the “Content Marketing Institute recent study, content marketing is getting more popular in the Business World. 42 percent of marketers publish content every week and 55 percent plan to increase their content marketing efforts in the coming year. However, according to Altimeter, 70 percent of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.

Go Futurenet brings you 5 important things you need to know about Content Marketing success-in-depth which are as follows:


content marketing

1. Understand Your Target Audience:

The first and important element in Content Marketing is to understand your target audience, so you can tailor your products or services to cater to their personalities, needs, and wants. Start with what you know about your best customers for each product and vertical.

2. Understand your customers’ needs

Next following step is conducting interviews and research to immerse you in your target audience. And the final step is getting into the customer’s head so that you can see the world from their eyes and with their motivation. This way, you’d be able to understand how they think and what they want. Focus on their criticisms, queries and advices and answer them comprehensively.

3. Create Interesting & Original Content:

Before creating content, research some uncommon topics and try to see the virality factor of it. First, choose topics that matter, meaning the Internet users have shown recent interests in them or choose any evergreen topics within the vertical(s). Second, search for what has been trending recently with Google Trends or Twitter “Trends For You”. By researching viral and pre-viral contents and with authentic ingenuity, you can create new content and ride the wave to virality.

4. Learn how to growth hack:

Growth Hacking is a category of online marketing that combines the usage of various tools with creativity and knack for technology. It’s basically “hustling” with the assistance of online tools to test ideas and take advantage of various hidden opportunities. Growth Hacker TV is a good place to learn from various experts in this exciting specialization of marketing.

5. Analyze your content:

The last element is quite simple yet effective and that is to analyze the result. There are only few successful marketers who track the ROI of their content marketing activities. If you don’t measure the metrics of your content, you wouldn’t be able to gauge its success. The five metrics to track are social shares, traffic, conversion rate, leads, and team performance. The most popular free tool is Google Analytics.
In today’s world, Content marketing can be quite challenging to those who aren’t well equipped of these 5 elements. With two million blog posts created every single day, marketers need to be more advanced and researched. With a strong Content Marketing Strategy, no one could stop your business from growing.

Killer Google Plus Marketing Strategy That Works Like A Charm

google plus marketing

The importance of social media in business is growing day by day. Social media has become one of the most effective means of communication. This has truly worked for the growth of various businesses in the industry because nowadays everybody holds an account in several online platforms. Though we are more familiar with the popular social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram, one very unique social media platform that should not be ignored is Google+. Although it is not as popular as the other platforms yet, Google+ has its own importance and may play a big role in your business social media campaign. For that you have to have an advanced Google Plus Marketing Strategy that will work wonders in your business.
Here Go Futurenet is sharing 5 Efficient Google Plus Marketing Strategies from their own experience that will boost your business to another level, which are as follows:


google plus marketing

1. Focus on building Google+ Communities
Google has placed a greater focus on the area than the news. Google+ is known for its solid communities. Google+ communities are more useful than Facebook communities for businesses purposes. Marketing on Google Plus is a great opportunity that can enhance the potential of your business.
In order to achieve successful marketing campaign, one has to build his community first on Google Plus. This increases your followers who serve as your partners in promoting your business online.

2. Use Google+ collections to promote your brand
This unique feature of Google+ allows users to group and categories their updates by topics, which makes the people following them to find updates quickly for the subjects that match their interests. Google+ Collections also helps in providing you with loads of content to use for promoting your brand.


google plus marketing

3. Share Content with High SEO values
Google+ is all about spreading quality content and then you have to use SEO techniques to make it more accessible to all Google Users worldwide. If you have gotten yourself a large base of followers, then your next step will be to engage them with quality content. Make use of external links, meta tags and other techniques to give your article a good boosting in Google search. You need to update continuously and improve your posts from time to time.

4. Utilize Third Party Posts and Contents
Mostly Brands promote their own created content and posts on social network and expect showering engagements. They do not see the importance of third party posts and content, which are untapped resource for driving engagements. The whole concept of Google Plus lies around building new relationships with influencers, industry friends, etc. You should not only comment on the third party post but also share contents on your Google+ channel.

5. Utilise Interactive videos by using Hangouts
In Google Plus, we have another feature known as Google Hangouts where you can do all kinds of stuff. Video is the most shared form of content in social media. You can post live video streams on YouTube or directly share your videos to your Google Communities. If you use Google Hangouts, your videos will get a good spot on the YouTube search. If you follow this tip, your content will reach a wider audience as there is a great chance that your followers will share it to other respective communities as well.

If the above rules are followed by a start up business, then nothing can stop the brand reputation and popularity among followers in Google Plus.