The Corona Shadow hits: What is the next step for your Business?

The new trials that we face with the whole world due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus are anything but something anyone of us could have anticipated for. In fact the rage of this pandemic was something otherworldly if we put our sights on its extensive and rapid degree of infesting it world population. That being said, the world may have had a contingency plan set and executed now, since almost all countries have issued total lockdowns with minimal pardons to only the essential subsidiaries that are required for the urban population who don’t really have other ways to procure the same.


Now, as major countries settle themselves into the wake of the deadly effects of the Coronavirus, we can be assured that some of them have taken measures to out wage the effects. Pardons of mortgages & loans have been sanctioned keeping in mind the inability of the payee to go out and do her/his job. Apart from that, WHO has set help centers all across the globe in relief of the Coronavirus infected individuals. In India, some of its states are enabling free lodging for all street-dwellers, providing food & other sanitary essentials.


But if we consider how businesses will fare under these distressing circumstances, things aren’t really looking that great from the government. Infact, to really press on harder things, the entire lifestyle of a whole economic class is at stake because supply chains have no outward submission due to lack of manpower. No product can be sent out to the buyer even though they have made the transaction. That can put a small business in a lot of load.


There are though, some ways to save your business from the effects of this near global lockdown if you have intentions of going through with it.


1. Establish a remote work option if your business allows that. By implementing this remote work policy where each of your employees can directly communicate their availability & course/ status of action regarding things they are responsible for.


In fact, we have seen that remote offices have grown in popularity due to its more sustainable & cost-cutting attributes. To all businesses out there, my advice would be to try this method of working because it really does pay to have more productivity bartered from all your employees.


2. We do recommend the bosses to speak with more relevance & accuracy to make the communication channel more effective. Employers should be thinking now about how they’re going to pass on important office messages & update from the World Health Organization. Also they should regard the US’ Centers for Disease Control or Public Health England and shouldn’t try to second-guess or exceed their message. To make this even more easier, Edelman, the World Economic Forum, WELLCOME and others, in partnership with the WHO, are building a platform that would feed accurate, timely Coronavirus information to employers for dissemination on their intranets. India itself has a COVID 19 dashboard whose link is readily available on social media platforms. Therefore, we can be rest assured that some digital marketing companies in Kolkata are still striving in this.


3. Finally, the biggest employers are the ones who have a greater part to play during these dire times. Global epidemic preparedness and response is dangerously underfunded. While the rich world can afford these tactile Coronavirus interventions, the global spread of the virus in less than three months has demonstrated how international health is as strong as the weakest and poorest health systems that it is comprised of if we were to determine the loopholes in our contingency plan. There are as of no drugs or vaccines against the Novel Coronavirus and research to deliver them requires funding too. I we were being honest; we need sizeable financial contributions/donations from high-income governments, from philanthropy and from global financial institutions like the World Bank, but also from business.


Far-sighted companies should see this as a shrewd investment, we get that. But the tens of billions of dollars the world actually needs to respond to Coronavirus are nothing compared to the trillions wiped from stock exchanges last week. Admit it. Customers & employees alike, both increasingly expect businesses to play a fuller part in supporting global public goods and to look beyond the interests of their respective shareholders and investors alone. There’s no need to invoke biased and privileged concepts of “stakeholders capitalism” or “social purpose here”; this crisis is a threat to shareholders, no less than it is to wider society. Period.


Coronavirus Pandemic is creating uncertainty in the digital marketing ecosystem. How to battle it?

Digital marketing agencies across the globe are facing the crisis along with all the other sectors of business as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic. At these times of massive uncertainties, brands should be cautious about the content they post as well as the creative’s they share.

The suggestive measures a brand should take during this global health crisis include –

Sectors have been hit hard due to the decision of Lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic-

Restaurants and other eateries have faced temporary shutdown, where sending out an email blast of pinning a banner to the website are certain ways in which these businesses can keep their communication on going with their clients. Notifying clients about limitation or closure of services give to reduce a lot of added work costumer would do if they had to enquire.

Spread awareness

A lot of brands have put up content with precautions as stated by WHO ( World Health Organization ), this approach is considered responsible from a brand where they value their patrons and also care about them.

Inculcate Optimism

Awareness about precautionary measures and social distancing keeps brands connected to their clients, similarly, campaigns about how one could utilize this lockdown period productively would gain much traffic. Where some academic brands are rolling out free webinars, restaurants are sharing their recipes and some brands are also coming up with their own gaming applications whereas some marketing gurus are writing about the mantra to keep your small scale businesses ongoing.


Pause all campaigns which are not relevant amid the global health crisis –

Ongoing campaigns should be carefully checked by the digital marketing agencies so as to pause any campaigns on non urgent matters and shifting your focus to content or campaigns. As the number of Covid 19 patients in West Bengal lingers around 10, the digital marketing agencies in Kolkata have come up with the suggestion for their clients where brands can support their customers, employees and those suffering during this global pandemic.

This period of crisis has made digital marketing techniques even more dynamic, where new opportunities and limitations are coming up each day.Staying connected with your customers online is the way ahead.


Can the Indian economy stand the test of the Corona outbreak?

Once the coast clears, it is not sure if things will go back to the same way it used to be. Predictions by major world-renowned analysts have revealed a darker side to this global outbreak caused by the Coronavirus. The world is facing what most are rather uncertain and worried than feeling faith in what is to come. In just mere number of weeks, this pandemic had swept across the whole world, stopping all forms of manufacturing, sales, toppling over the world share market, disrupting distribution & prevented supply chains from any forms of operations.In fact mere digital marketing services in Kolkata too were not untouched by the implications of this global crisis.


As Saudi Arabia opened taps on price wars on oil with Russia, the world stock market tumbled as investors fled the scene on Monday, March 24, 2020. Saudi Arabia stunned markets with its extensive plans to raise its oil production significantly after the collapse of OPEC’s (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) supply cut agreement with Russia, a grab for market share reminiscent of a drive-in 2014 that sent prices down by about two thirds. But here things are going not make sense. If we were to really pay heed to what the economists have put together that the true nature of the coming economic effects of COVID-19 will actually be from “reduced spending” will be in all extent more than those coming from disruptions to the supply chains and illness-related workforce reduction, herein stated by almost 52% in average by the same band of experts upon being asked in the congregation. Now, here is the case, almost everybody around the world, almost every government has allowed pardons and extended special laws to enable crisis management encouraged by the officials & representatives of WHO. In Canada, the waiting period for unemployment benefits has been eliminated.In Italy, which is one of hardest-hit novel corona virus areas to date, the government there has negotiated an accord with all of their banks for suspension of mortgage payments etc.


In Italy, which is one of the hardest-hit novel corona virus areas to date, the government there has negotiated an accord with all of their banks for suspension of mortgage payments, etc.


But, there could be a short-term disruption as well as long term-benefit due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (covid-19). The short-term disruption is linked to the global supply chain from China. We can fore say assume that our supply of pharmaceuticals and electronic components are the instant examples where the most disruption is to be expected. Now the question is how quickly we can find a substitute in the supply chain in case of an obvious future. Can we find the right standby in time?


To shine a light on the recent options we have as a nation, for essential electronic components, the problem is that India can’t approach other countries like Thailand and Vietnam because their value chains are also linked to China; therefore there is no ground to play in there. If we were to go to our more popular neighbors, Korea and Japan, the costs will make the appliances uneconomical. But what if this is a boon in the disguise of a mishap?


In the long-term, we have been shown a doorway of opportunity to expand our own factions in the world. It is an opportunity for India to start displacing some of the value chain production from China. Come on! We always know we wanted to win our freedom from the under their reign and win us one in the trade battles with the Chinese. Well, now we have it. Quarantine and isolation have been issued all across the globe, for India, the impact of the Coronavirus could go both ways. Exports to India will slow down as we covered before. But also, sourcing of raw materials will become seemingly more difficult as well. Possibly driving up the prices of many commodities; but it need not stop here. Earlier, India wasn’t able to capitalize on the enough talked about US-China trade war to capture exiting manufacturing business. This time, India has another opportunity. The pandemic has created a huge vacuum in the western world for manufacturing inputs. Let’s put things into perspective first. It is a heck of a good time for our country to attempt to fill-up that vacuum left by them and recapture many of its lost markets.


It could be a time for India to regain its lost momentum in exports. It could be a time for Make in India to shine. Opportunities abound, but for India to be able to capitalise on it, credit has to pick up. If banks don’t start lending, this will be another lost opportunity in a long list of many. We also have a shot at becoming one of the top countries to be manufacturing and exporting drugs.


It is being speculated by a greater number of share market enthusiasts that India could increase its exports by going ultrasonic on productions and fill the gap that has been created by China due the recent COVID-19 infected population. However, India itself is facing a sluggish growth and does not have manufacturing capacity to bump up exports. As like the rest of the world, we did not see the near future that waited us and exploded in just days of first infestation. Moreover, India’s own imports from China do make a small enough dent of 18% of all our total imports. Most of the imported items the list includes even leaving all electrical machinery & organic chemicals for drugs, we have to add nuclear reactors and allied machinery and iron and steel. Since electrical parts and chemicals are the main raw materials for electronics and drugs, the prices of these are expected to go up in the domestic market.


And if we talk about personnel with large scale or small scale businesses, they are at the mercy of their own because it is even worse for them as they won’t get any government assurance of any kind.


Alas, even though the World Health Organisation predicts that the death toll will not waver much from the expected forecast, though, we have to agree to one thing, even though we can’t really beat our competitors in the global market nor can we ourselves as an economy have enough resource to brace for the recession that is going to be caused following the recent pandemic. And the world is going to be at a standstill, for quite some time.


That being postulated, I request all to consider digital marketing as the next step of buffing the crisis.


Google Urges Businesses to Update Listings in Recent COVID-19 Outbreak

Covid 19 outbreak has affected businesses across the globe, as a range of precautionary measures is being taken globally to contain the spread of the virus. Google recently released a notice with a header on Google My Business support pages, which stated that the business being affected by the Corona Pandemic should update their profile to provide the most accurate info amid Lockdown Now.

This notification from Google came amid the global crisis after the Corona virus infectious diseases outbreak when businesses are facing the crisis; employees are working part-time or from home. The notification urged businesses to update their working hours, phone numbers, and business descriptions to give their customers a better insight into their business along with the precautionary measures that they are taking in their business premises.

Digital marketing companies in Kolkata have also fast-tracked the process and are suggesting their clients to do the same on their Google profiles, this update will allow the businesses to stay connected to their clients and provide them with the most accurate information.

A huge number of people are practicing self-isolation or self-quarantine to curb the spread of the Novel Corona Virus under government instructions. This sudden change in the dynamics of businesses and government guidelines around the globe has caused a setback to a range of business organizations.

Hence, as per Google business directives, the business should update a range of information on their Google profile including –

Changing your business hours
Updating your phone numbers
Create a post

A detailed update of the precautionary measure taken at the business premises to prioritize the health of the customers and employees amid the spread of Businesses could use posts to communicate with their clients, services available amid this global crisis and other updates .
These updates made on your business profile will reflect on Google Maps and SERP’s.

Social Media to your rescue amid Social Distancing

These are not normal times when the death toll nears the 4 lakh mark globally and the world is struggling to overcome the rising panic of COVID 19, the world outdoors has come to a halt. With countries opting for complete lockdown and enforcing curfews on cities, empty roads and vacant public spots social media encounter the highest traffic. Screen time is the only refute to the millions of people locked down in their own house.


Experts predict a coming loneliness epidemic, where we humans the social creatures when deprived of going out meeting people or indulging in fun activities, will sit in the same spot for hours hence indulging in increased screen time.


Facebook groups have sprung in response to growing concerns about the corona virus, employees are working from home, kids have been awarded a month-long vacation and the older people have been asked to stay inside under every circumstance.Social distancing is being religiously practiced by people around the world, where they keep themselves updated, engaged and entertained through a range of social media platforms.


Facebook is flooded with information, where communities and brands are spreading awareness through stay safe, stay healthy campaign and other ways to stay away from Corona virus Pandemic.


The Janta Curfew on 22nd March 2020 as announced by our Honourable Prime minister saw immense participation from people all around India; social media feeds were flooded with images and pictures, hence uniting the people of the nation amid social distancing.


Brands are utilizing every means to keep their valued patrons aware of the situation, spreading the message of social distancing along with coming up with ways to stay connected with their loyal followers. This is the time when every other means of socializing is unavailable and social media is the key to stay connected.


Communities and brands are going beyond their brand’s mission to spread the message of staying healthy and safe, people are also indulging in polls and games over such platforms to stay engaged.


As India Fights Corona, the social media marketing companies in Kolkata are also reaching out to their clients’ needs and working hard to keep their followers updated about the global scenario.

Why Your Website Must Be ADA Compliant?

creative advertising agencies

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was developed in 1992 to honor the needs of disabled people which would allow them to have access to every feature of the website which will enhance levels of website usability and bring in added traffic to your website.

Individuals who are hearing impaired or visually impaired have access to an ADA compliant website. Social media marketing companies suggest their clients to create an ADA compliant website, which will boost their business. Such websites are trustworthy where anyone can search for the content they need by setting them apart from your competitors. Digital advertising companies in Kolkata suggest their clients to include such features in their website which will in return enhance sales and profits for their business , and also pushes the ranking of their website higher on search engines .
Top advertising agencies prefer including certain such ADA compliant attributes in the websites for their valuable clients. Screen readers, text readers are some such provisions preferred by the creative advertising agencies which will allow the visually impaired people to have access to the website.


ADA compliance allows brands to enhance their reputation in the market as the website will be accessed by more users. Every digital advertising agency focuses on meeting WCAG guidelines for each of its clients by updating their existing website to an ADA compliant one.
Digital Marketing Services Company in Kolkata includes ADA compliant attributes such as text transcripts for audio and video content or stating the site’s language in the header for better understanding. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) gives the same opportunities to the disabled people as anyone else.


Every website should most necessarily be ADA compliant, where they should recommend their users as to how they should navigate to the desired section of their website. Reach out to your target customers irrespective of their disabilities through an ADA compliant website and make every penny count.

Impact of Technical SEO on User Experience

SEO + UX = Success in 100 percent visibility

These days, SEO best practices include consideration for the user experience (UX).Till a few years back, SEO was simple. You can stuff a page full of keywords, and you would get ranked number one. Easy, right?Only if it were that simple today! Now, Google (and the other search engines like Bing) literally consider innumerous no. of factors into account while determining which pages will rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs) in respect to others of the same kind.


Therefore, this new reality depicts that today the key elements of user experience (UX) have been rolled in as SEO’s best practices. How easily can a visitor navigate through your site? The fact that whether your site will have quality content that will make these first time visitors want to stay and engage? Is your site secure, fast and mobile-friendly? Several other top SEO companies have already cracked & decoded the nitty-gritty’s behind generating organic traffic for different kinds of businesses & niche websites. For them, developing the right kind of UI/UX is the starting point of all things successful.


SEO Companies In Kolkata
Think of the partnership of SEO and UX this way: SEO targets search engines, and UX targets your website’s visitors. Both share a common goal of giving users the best experience while browsing. Therefore, if you go to a SEO specialist, they may explain you the same.


Here are some common website elements that impact both SEO and user experience.

• Catchy readable/ intriguing Headings

• Easy navigation and site structure of your online websites

• User signals are also important as studies show that they have direct correlation to better rankings

• Site speed as that is important to keep your viewer engaged till the valuable information is imparted.

• Mobile experience of the above business/ site needs to have easy accessibility, smooth page loading & other informational texts & elements.

Now your goal is to search for affordable SEO services as search engine optimization agencies are already equipped with the necessary experience, data & a dedicated workforce that know their SEO.The tricky part of this whole process is to ultimately find one such Search Engine Optimization company that will work within your reasons & will carry forward your visions while designing the best kind of user-friendly UI/UX for your website & the perks of availing third party seo services.
SEO professional India
Also, constant testing & upgrading your UX as per the upgraded SEO guidelines will always effect your business in good favour. Therefore do your research before you launch into a digital marketing plan to boost your company’s online image.


Social Media presence gives a website the credibility it deserves !

Social media content doesn’t have to be professional or specially made to work. Because social media networks are made up of real people, who regularly share real and truly raw content.

With real people, real content and natural clicked photographs, one can really build their business on social media. The idea is to blend your business along with the people and build a connection.

When you share raw pictures and raw content about the brand, people are likely to connect more to your brand. This will help establish your brand at a higher level.

What makes social media sites like , Facebook , Instagram , Twitter special is the fact that people can connect to other people that they know. Everyone visits these platforms to establish a real connection, sometimes a real friendship ! Once a human being is touched and feels comfortable with a particular person or brand, they want to create a rapport, a real bond.

When one is setting up their brand, it is very important to remember the seriousness of the content and the brand purpose.The goal has to be crystal clear so that people know what the brand is all about and how they plan to focus on taking the brand forward in the future.

In order to have a loyal connection with your audience, the brand needs to have a few things that needs to be kept in mind always – Target audience, which social media platform is suitable for the brand, what kind of interest do they hold.

Importance of Social Media in short –

Social Media is easily accessible and is the meeting point between audiences.
It is cost friendly to advertise about your brand on social media as compared to print or tv media.
Social media also helps in search engine optimisation and increases the ranking of the company’s website.

In conclusion, the importance of social media , it is always better and more safer to consult the best designing agencies in Kolkata for your business as they will be able to guide clients on the best way to improvise and increase profitability of the company.


The most important thing for any website to standout is to stay updated with the latest trends . Every year numerous changes have been marked on the basis of popularity of visuals, algorithm, and other best practices.So, here we are going to talk about the different Web Designing trends for 2019.

A website that may appears smooth and attractive today might not be the same in the near future. So its important to consult website designing companies in kolkata with the latest trends of websites that will last for several years.

1. Bright and vibrant colours

2019, is a year of vibrant colours and bright shades. Nowadays most of the websites are colourful and vibrant. This is done in order to attract clients and increase brand presence of the company. Also, warmer tones such as purple, light pink, baby blue, yellow and pastel shades help in evoking customer emotions as they are soft and calm shades.

2. Videos –

Videos help in making the brand product more attractive as in a video it is easy to demonstrate the product or service in detail and explanation about the product is given too. This makes it more easy for clients to understand about the product and hence make their decision quick and effortless. Hence, having videos on the website, is quite essential and it is the top designing trend now in 2019. Pro tip- The best videos hook the user in the first few seconds and don’t require sound to be efficient. Use less time span videos or sequencing techniques to make your product appear easy to use.

3. Less is more technique –

Designs always catch the eye if they are not too loud neither too simple. The design which is simple and yet attractive, will definitely attract more clients. Although challenging, the process of eliminating non-essential elements results in a cleaner, more focused design. A firm understanding of layering, proportion, and white-space is key to this technique

4. Speed

THREE seconds. That’s all users spend in deciding whether to leave or stay on a website. Your design has that much time to convince a user to stay.

Research by Akamaii and shows that 50% of users want a website to load in three seconds or less. Furthermore, due to the Speed Update algorithm announced by Google in July 2018. Website design companies in kolkata need to reduce page load time if they want to improve their search engine rankings.

5. Interactions –

All websites nowadays have a chat section where it is easy for clients or users to ask any queries related to the brand product or service. It is a user friendly trend and it quick responses are available on the chat so that user queries are answered without delay.

6. Authentic Visuals and Photography –

Real life photos and videos are always preferred over heavy designing or cut outs. Nowadays, everyone prefers natural visuals and photography. It portrays the real product as it is and makes it look more authentic.

In conclusion, for the latest web designing trends in 2019, it is always better and more safer to consult the website designing companies in Kolkata for your business as they will be able to guide clients on the best way to improvise and increase profitability of the company.


2020 has kick-started, it’s time to look into the advanced SEO trends dominating the digital market in 2020. Why? As new businesses come up each day, the competition for the viewer’s attention increases. Being on the top of the latest SEO trends will help you to meet the specific requirements that search engines use to rank websites. Therefore, the seo specialists from Go Futurenet, the best digital marketing services company shares you some of the best SEO trends that you will see in 2020.


Effective Voice Search Strategies

There was a time when voice search accounted for a small fraction of total searches globally. Today, we’re observing more than 20 percent of all the mobile queries are voice searches. In 2020, all we can say “Welcome the rise of Voice Search Kingdom”. Its popularity has been possible due to the prominence of artificial intelligence and chatbots in smart phones, especially Anroid. This gives a huge scope for business with a local presence. A detailed study is required on the users’ search pattern. You will notice that they are mostly long-tail, direct and are local based. Create an effective Voice search strategy in the form of bullet lists as they increase your chances of ranking.


Featured Snippets dominate more Clicks

Google has evolved a lot over the years to deliver a better search experience for the users and then they introduced Featured Snippets. They are brief excerpts on Google found above organic search results and below the AdWords block. They typically appear above the number one organic search result. Featured snippets appear on 23% of search result pages. There are five types of featured snippets: paragraph, list, video, table and accordion. Paragraphs and Lists are the most popular types of featured snippets. For using the benefit of featured snippets and acquiring more website traffic, you have to come up with clear answers to questions that are normally asked on your website. This is more likely an old but a refresh SEO trend that top seo companies are following with some important changes.


Win In The World of Zero Click Searches

Zero Clicks is the new buzz among the best search engine optimization agencies. Now, what is it, right? No click or Zero click searches are a search engine result page known as SERP that shows the answer to a user’s query at the top of a Google Search result. These search results actually satisfies the user’s intent without having to click on any search result links.


BERT is your Go-Getter

We would like to give good news to all the budding search engine optimization companies
“Bert is here to stay!” For a long, long time Google’s been using learning algorithms to enhance their user’s experience with search and avoid keyword-stuffed webpages. This year, Google will be focussing more on this objective with their latest algorithm named BERT. The newly-implemented BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations), is the algorithm that is used to help Google better understand the context in which keywords are used.


Create High Quality & Advanced Content

Quality content is one of the most important parts of your SEO. Apart from quality, the content also has to be in a SEO-friendly format because the Google algorithm looks for essential words at particular places on your web page or blogs. If the content is unique & relevant to the keywords research, then any website can go to the top of search engine rankings. Also, try to break your content with header tags, so that it is easier for the user to read your exciting content.


Seo-friendly Website

One noticeable trend among the marketers this year will be brand awareness and brand building at the forefront. And to establish this goal, Seo-friendly website is the first thing that comes in our mind. A seo friendly website has 6 salient features which are as follows:


  1. Innovative Titles
  2. Well formatted URLs
  3. Speedy Page Loading
  4. A Meaningful Structure
Marketers, ready to excel the SEO thing with Go Futurenet? Only one advice, the moment you feel you have decoded the latest SEO trends, it starts to modify. Therefore, to keep yourself in the race, stay updated and adjust your work to new challenges. Till then these given trends will surely help you boost your SEO service.