6 Effective Instagram Marketing Plans For Small Businesses

effective instagram marketing plans

Marketing means reaching customers to invoke a change in their behaviour and giving them a call to action. There is only one way to grab their attention by studying where people are engaging and spending time. Instagram is one well established platform where hundreds of millions of active users are posting fifty million photos a day on it. Take some time to absorb those numbers for a few minutes.
I hope you have understood the extreme importance of Instagram in today’s world. It really has the possibility to promote your business, only if you have a proper Marketing Problem. It is not a one-done-solution. You cannot just have an account in Instagram and expect it to do the work for you. Hence, Go Futurenet shares you some basic Instagram Marketing Plans for the benefit of your business.

Instagram marketing

1. Get found on Instagram

Your first goal in Instagram is to be seen by as many users as possible. So, when creating your profile, be sure to keep it public. You may be concerned that people will just glance and not click “follow” in order to see your posts, but at this point your goal is to build awareness.
The point of marketing on Instagram is to show off your business. If your Instagram account is private, users are unable to see the photos you’re posting of your business or products. Do not forget to make your profile public!


hashtag marketing

2. Efficient Hashtag Marketing

Using hashtags is another way to get your business found by customers on Instagram. Hashtag Marketing makes your posts searchable and brings an interested audience to you. You can also use hashtag marketing by creating your own business hashtag. Create a hashtag that’s relevant to your business and easy to remember. Once you’ve collected a healthy number of followers, your hashtag will be a way for others to tag your business in their own posts and a way for them to quickly find your latest updates.


3. Interesting Content

Instagram is a visual platform but you should post interesting content related to your business. Don’t use Instagram to push sales; instead build up a story around your business that makes people want to use your product or service. While posting, think about the content that will grab eyeballs and be preferred by your customers. Through your innovative content, you will keep an audience that’s relevant your business.


4. Engage With Your Followers

Once you have got your content ready, an audience may begin to grow organically. But you also should seek out new followers by following people in your target audience and engaging with them and their followers. Find other users in your niche and engage with them by liking and commenting on their photos. You can create a Hashtag contest or Instagram Giveaways to interact with different people and to know their response to your business.

5. Follow Influencers

By engaging with people who are active on Instagram, you’ll associate yourself with well-known names in your industry and people interested in businesses like yours will find you online. This is a good step in growing your business’s name and brand recognition. Instagram is a friendly platform so be friendly.

6. Get New Customers

If you follow the above points then your Instagram marketing strategy is mostly advanced & now you’ve just got to get people in the door, literally! Complete your Instagram profile by including your website URL, contact information, relevant hashtags & your location on Instagram. The easier it is for people to find you, the more likely they will be to walk in the door!

6 Effective Instagram Marketing Plans For Small Businesses
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6 Effective Instagram Marketing Plans For Small Businesses
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Instagram is an extremely important marketing tool in today's world. Here Go Futurenet explores 6 effective instagram marketing plans for small business and shares with you

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